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  • Forza Horizon 5: Series 8 preview

    Forza Horizon 5: Series 8 preview

    May 09, 2022

    A week ago, Forza Horizon 5 officially updated the Festival Playlist for Series 7 in celebration of the traditional Mexican festival Cinco de Mayo, where players can join new challenges and unlock more cool cars, including five Ferraris. And with the preview of Series 8 content released by Playground Games, we have reason to keep looking forward again to the next round of exciting updates.

    Series 8 will launch on May 26. Players can watch the trailer for the next update on the "coming soon" tab of the in-game Festival Playlist. The Series 8 will be under the theme of "German Automotive Excellence", and there are currently three new cars we know of as incentives, which are:

    Epic: Porsche 911 GT3'21

    Rare: 2018 Audi RS4 Avant

    Rare: Mercedes-AMG GT

    There will also be a new car or two as a bonus when the Series 8 is officially updated. In addition to this, Car Pass cars for the Series 8 have also been announced, as a paid option, players can decide for themselves whether to buy:

    Rare: 2020 BMW M8 Competition Coupe – 26 May

    Rare: 2020 Audi RS3 Saloon – 2 June

    Rare: 2020 Audi R5 Coupe – 9 June

    Epic: 1982 Volkswagen Pickup LX – 16 June

    If you're a Forza Horizon 5 player, you can get ready for the Series 8 update while enjoying Series 7's festive new cars and challenge rewards. In addition to this, GAMEMS will also help you, where you can buy cheap Forza Horizon 5 Credits to complete event challenges more efficiently and get new cars.

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