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  • NBA 2K22: Big Things Will Come In Season 5!

    NBA 2K22: Big Things Will Come In Season 5!

    Feb 22, 2022

    Season 4 of the MyTeam mode in NBA 2K22 is coming to a close on February 25, and with that comes Season 5 speculation. The development team has also revealed some upcoming things in the Twitch channel, which has caused a strong reaction from the basketball community.

    While the specifics weren't revealed, audiences got enough information to start speculating about what NBA 2K22 Season 5 will introduce. Fortunately, Wednesday's Courtside Report will come, which may mean more details will be released in a few days. GAMEMS will introduce more about NBA 2K22 Season 5.

    In MyTeam mode, you can buy and earn card packs, build your team, and compete in tournaments around the world. Probably the biggest news is that the Dark Matter card will be available as a reward for reaching level 40, the first time this rare card is available for free.

    New Players

    As for the specific players, this has not been leaked, the only thing revealed is that 2 new players are making their debuts to MyTeam, one of them will be able to sit at level one of MyTeam while the other will be part of the Unlimited series. An interesting detail is that their introduction is unique, so this makes fans even more curious.

    Galaxy Cards

    Along with news of a plethora of Galaxy cards, there will also be a brand new Domination card set. You'll be busy leveling up and earning packs trying to get access to these new, featured units, which promise to be both dynamic and worth the hype built around it. So you can accumulate as much NBA 2K22 MT as you can before Season 5 starts.

    If you are a big fan of MyTeam, this may be good news for you. In a few days, the mystery will be completely revealed. At that time, GAMEMS will also share the latest news and related game guides in time.

  • NBA 2K22: How To Go Shirtless?

    NBA 2K22: How To Go Shirtless?

    Feb 17, 2022

    NBA 2K22 gives you a wide variety of customizations such as eye color, hairstyle, clothes, facial hair, sneakers, and you can even scan your face to add to the game.

    However, one of the most discussed features is that in NBA 2K22 you can go shirtless, you can play without a shirt at all, but before that, you need to complete some tasks. GAMEMS will give an introduction.

    In street basketball, it is very common to go shirtless. For players with no uniforms or similar jerseys, 5 players go shirtless and 5 players play in casual clothes, which is the best way to distinguish between teammates and opponents. In streetball, the teams are not fixed, and if someone wants to change teams, they just need to take off a jersey or put on one.

    NBA 2K is aware of this culture, so it gives players the choice, and after completing the tasks, you can walk around shirtless in NBA 2K22.

    Take Your Shirt Off

    In NBA 2K22, to go shirtless, you need to complete 2v2 quests in The City or The Neighborhood. If you are not an avid player of NBA 2K22, you need to build a 5-game win streak in a 2v2 match, which is not easy.

    In The City or The Neighborhood, you will find a quest on Deck 15 of Cancha Del Mar and talk to this NPC, she will give you a quest - Don't Forget Sunscreen.

    Win 5 games in a row and you can head to the "Clothes" tab in MyPlayer to find the “Shirtless” option.

    GAMEMS not only provides some game suggestions but also provides cheap NBA 2K22 MT, you can come and buy them whenever you need, which is the fastest way to build a perfect team.

  • NBA 2K22: Where The City Could Go Next?

    NBA 2K22: Where The City Could Go Next?

    Feb 11, 2022

    NBA 2K22 provides a new social setting for next-gen gamers in The City, along with other major improvements. This kind of continuous development is very important for the devs team and can also bring freshness to the gamers. Now that NBA 2K22 is a success, fans are looking forward to what its next steps will be, and GAMEMS also knows about the intentions of the development team.

    While building your team in NBA 2K22 is exciting, The City also brings joy to gamers. The City is an exciting and ambitious execution of a virtual basketball community that allows gamers to experience every aspect of the sport, going well beyond hardcourt to celebrate basketball culture. The development team let The City not only provide gamers with a personalized experience but also the opportunity to connect with other gamers. The combination of sports-mixed RPG elements creates perfect harmony, which is also very popular with fans.

    2K is constantly introducing new elements that bring the player characters themselves closer to the lives of the professional baller, whether it's by cashing endorsement checks or buying the latest kicks. This also makes fans look forward to the next content more, and the development team stated that their focus is to provide fans with an engaging entertainment experience that captures basketball culture. In their view, gamers are always the most important, and they will continue to improve the new game experience in other ways. For games released each year, there is always a long list of features that they need to narrow down and prioritize.

    Culture and gameplay seem to be two aspects that stand out in NBA 2K22, and as the hardware gets more powerful and more ideas come out of the community, it will be interesting to see what 2K does next.

    Now that the 2022 All-Star break and the second half of the season are just around the corner, which means NBA 2K23 will come. For gamers who focus on NBA 2K22, you can always come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT, to get your favorite player card faster and build a perfect team.

  • NBA 2K22: Season 5 Will Bring New Content

    NBA 2K22: Season 5 Will Bring New Content

    Feb 09, 2022

    Season 5 is set to release in late February, and we'll see a brand new version of the NBA 2K22 League that's going through some huge changes. GAMEMS will also introduce Season 5 related content.

    Season 5 Changes

    One of the changes is the competition-centric structure, the main changes include:

    * A tournament-centric season structure

    * New 3v3 tournaments entitled by Coinbase

    * A significantly higher total prize pool

    * Amateur teams vs. NBA 2K League teams

    Tournament-centric structure

    The standard mode of the NBA 2K League is undergoing a massive overhaul. The most notable change was announced on the official 2K League website. The NBA 2K League will start with the regular season and is now focused on tournament play, with the season-spanning April to August.

    New 3v3 Tournaments

    3v3 tournaments are compelling, 2K League teams are usually represented by 5 players, but in the end, only the 3 best players will play in these tournaments. So good players are very important, which requires you to invest NBA 2K22 MT for them.

    This new mode will also allow amateur players to face off against 2K League in 3v3 action, where amateur teams from around the world will have the opportunity to join in the NBA 2K League to share in the prize pool of 3v3 tournaments.

    * The first two games of the 3v3 will include the 24 NBA 2K League teams and the North American amateur teams.

    * North American amateur teams can advance to qualify to win the group spots of these first two 3v3 tournaments.

    * The 3rd and final of these three games will include NBA 2K League teams and one amateur international team from each of Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

    * International amateur teams will be able to enter regional qualifiers to win a spot in this 3rd tournament.

  • NBA 2K22: A New Trailer Shows Off The Zipline In The City

    NBA 2K22: A New Trailer Shows Off The Zipline In The City

    Jan 28, 2022

    A recent trailer for NBA 2K22 showed off a big new addition to The City's sandbox. The new video highlighted in the trailer is a Zipline that will get you to key areas of The City quickly. GAMEMS knew the relevant information.

    NBA 2K22 confirms the effectiveness of the Zipline, and this video uses a next-gen version of the game. The trailer begins with a player jumping from their Penthouse onto a Zipline overlooking much of The City, including street court games, The Gym, The Rec, various shops, and many other buildings and billboards around The City. The Zipline ends up at one of the many basketball courts around The City, where players can quickly enter the game as soon as they land.

    The video for the NBA 2K22 not only focuses on The City's Zipline but also showcases several fashions. Players will always be able to customize their NBA 2K22 avatar with unique clothing, as well as Adidas, Crocs, and Nike and new brands, which will be added as the game continue to grow. You can buy these clothes with MVP points, and you'll zipline to The Penthouse in NBA 2K22 which will cost you a lot of extra points.

    You can unlock this zipline by buying a penthouse in The City, which will cost you 1 million MVP points. You'll need to complete NBA 2K22's career quests, daily quests, personal brand questlines such as fashion and music, or seasonal quests. The penthouse is located to the north of the large building in The City center.

    When you complete an "A Room with A View" objective, you unlock the Zipline, which triggers a cutscene and you own the suite. Before jumping on the zipline, you need to choose any of the four areas you want to go to, and on the zipline, you can show-off using a variety of animations. One of the animations was shown off in the NBA 2K22 video, and as you glide down, you'll see the character's legs run through the air.

    If you have a favorite player, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT from GAMEMS first, which will help you reach your goals faster and make your quests go more smoothly.

  • NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Hunt 4 Glory Packs Features GO Dennis Rodman

    NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Hunt 4 Glory Packs Features GO Dennis Rodman

    Jan 26, 2022

    NBA 2K22 MyTeam is constantly updated with cards, packs, players, and challenges. The recent Hunt 4 Glory Camouflage Packs appeared in Pack Market, bringing 4 brand new players, most notably GO Dennis Rodman, who may be your best rebounder. Based on this, GAMEMS will introduce the Hunt 4 Glory Pack, including the latest Locker Codes.

    Hunt 4 Glory Packs

    Hunt 4 Glory Packs are popular, and these Camouflage packs have a ton of players, from Galaxy Opals to Pink Diamonds.

    They were available on January 25th and will last for a week. Players range from NBA 75, Signature Series, Maxed Out sets, and more.

    Hunt 4 Glory Packs Prices:

    * Hunt 4 Glory: Camouflage Pack (Single) - 7,500 VC or 10,500 NBA 2K22 MT

    * Hunt 4 Glory: Camouflage Pack (10 Pack Box) - 67,500 VC

    * Hunt 4 Glory: Camouflage Pack (20 Pack Box) - 135,000 VC

    Best cards in the Camouflage packs

    One of the best new player cards is the Galaxy Opal Dennis Rodman. However, one of the best cards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam is also included, and that is Galaxy Opal Klay Thompson.

    Hunt 4 Glory Locker Code & Challenge

    This new set features the NBA 2K22 MyTeam Locker Code, as well as a skill challenge to complete for a free Camouflage pack.

    Skill Challenges will pit you against the best players, you'll need a Bulls player in the MyTeam lineup, and you'll also need to win the game and record 15 rebounds with a single player.

    Enter Locker Code: "HUNT-4-GLORY-CAMO-THE-WORM" and you have a chance to get a Hunt 4 Glory Camouflage Pack, Glass Cleaner Badge Pack, or Rebounding Diamond Shoe Boost Pack.

    This Locker Code expires on February 1, so now you have plenty of time. If you need more MT, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT directly from GAMEMS, which will get you the player you want faster.

  • NBA 2K22: How To Get GO Jayson Tatum In Season 4?

    NBA 2K22: How To Get GO Jayson Tatum In Season 4?

    Jan 24, 2022

    In NBA 2K22 Season 4, you can now earn some impressive rewards by completing the newly acquired Season Agendas. The grand prize for completing all these agendas is the Galaxy Opal Jayson Tatum, which means everyone has a chance to get it, but the process of getting it won't be easy. GAMEMS will show how to win the GO Jayson Tatum in Season 4.

    How to get GO Jayson Tatum?

    Although this challenge is not easy, you have plenty of time to complete it to get all the rewards. Alternatively, you can first come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT to get everything ready.

    This Agenda is available on January 21st, you just have to complete it by February 25th, which is when Season 4 ends.

    MyTeam's playoff Push Agenda brings you 6 Pink Diamond players, plus GO Jayson Tatum. Before Season 4 ends, you need to complete the following quests to get Jayson Tatum:

    * Playoff Push: Atlantic (5 challenges)

    * Playoff Push: Central (5 challenges)

    * Playoff Push: Southeast (5 challenges)

    * Playoff Push: Northwest (5 challenges)

    * Playoff Push: Pacific (5 challenges)

    * Playoff Push: Southwest (5 challenges)

    * The Final Playoff Push (12 challenges)

    Each challenge within the Agendas has difficulty, some requiring you to get 30 rebounds with a specific player in multiplayer games. It takes some work, but it is achievable to complete all the quests in the rest of the time.

    Other rewards

    Even if you don't end up completing all the quests to get the GO Jayson Tatum, you can get other rewards. If you need pink diamond Ben Gordon, you need 30 rebounds with Rewards Andrew Bogut in the playoff push: central agenda.

    *Diamond Jose Calderon

    *Diamond Larry Johnson

    *Diamond Stephen Jackson

    * Pink Diamond Deandre Ayton

    *Pink Diamond Tim Hardaway

    * Pink Diamond Gordon Hayward

  • NBA 2K22 Season 4: How To Unlock All 21 Moment Cards?

    NBA 2K22 Season 4: How To Unlock All 21 Moment Cards?

    Jan 21, 2022

    In NBA 2K22 Season 4, you can unlock 21 new Moment cards in the Lifetime Agenda Group, and the final reward is the Galaxy Opal Demar DeRozan card. GAMEMS will guide you on how to unlock 21 Moment Cards.

    How to unlock 21 Moment Cards?

    For every challenge you complete, you'll earn a Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond, Pink Diamond, or Consumables option pack in NBA 2K22. In NBA 2K22, players cannot change a challenge's affiliation, so it's a good idea to double-check which Moments of the Month challenge relate to which player before attempting to complete it.

    We've also listed related rewards, which may help you learn about related challenges faster. If you need help with any resources, you can always come here to buy NBA 2K22 MT.

    Ruby Option Pack

    These are the start Moments of the Month challenges in the NBA 2K22 season. When you complete challenges and unlock the Ruby option packs, the best players you can pick are those who allow you to complete some of the easier challenges in all subsequent reward categories. Single-player challenges can also be played on the rookie difficulty setting, making them easier to complete.

    * Score 125 In Single Player: Score 125 points over multiple Single Player games

    * Score 250 In Single Player: Score 250 points over multiple Single Player

    * Score 75 in TTO: Score 75 points over multiple Triple Threat Online games

    * Score 75 in Unlimited: Score 75 points over multiple Unlimited games

    * Score 75 in Clutch Time: Score 75 points over multiple Clutch Time games

    NBA 2K22's options pack allows you to choose a Moment of the Month player card. With the Ruby option pack, the next set of easy challenges to complete is the Nowell Career High PTS, Yurtseven REB, and Gafford BLK challenges, all of which can be completed in multiple matches.

    Amethyst Option Pack

    * Yurtseven REB: Get 16 rebounds with Moments Reward Omer Yurtseven over multiple TT or TTO games

    * Strus Career High 3's: Make eight 3-pointers with Moments Rewards Max Strus in a single game

    * Nowell Career High PTS: Score 29 points with Moments Rewards Jaylen Nowell over multiple multiplayer games

    * Metu Game Winner: Score 11 points and get one block with Moments Rewards Chimezie Metu in a single TT or TTO game

    * Gafford BLK: Get six blocks with Moment Rewards, Daniel Gafford, over multiple TT or TTO games

    Diamond Option Pack

    * Williams Triple-Double: Get one triple-double with Moments Rewards Robert Williams in a single game

    * Bey Career Higher: Get 17 rebounds with Moments Rewards Saddiq Bey over multiple multiplayer games

    * Graham Game Winner: Make five four-pointers with Moments Rewards Devonte' Graham over multiple Clutch Time games

    * Okeke Career High STL: Get six steals with Moments Rewards Chuma Okeke over multiple TT or TTO games

    * Giddey Triple-Double: Get one triple-double with 17 points with Moments Rewards Josh Giddey in a single game

    Pink Diamond Option Pack

    * Robinson BLK & REB: Get five blocks and eight rebounds with Moments Rewards Mitchel Robinson in a single game

    * Simons Career High PTS: Score 43 points with Moments Rewards Anfernee Simons over multiple TTO games

    * Wagener Career High PTS: Score 38 points with Moments Rewards Franz Wagner over multiple multiplayer games

    * Mills 3's: Make eight 3-pointers with Moments Rewards Patrick Mills over multiple multiplayer games

    * Diallo PTS & Reb: Score 34 points and get 14 rebounds with Moments Rewards Hamidou Diallo in a single game

    Consumables Option Pack

    * Capela REB: Get 23 rebounds with Moments Rewards Clint Capela over multiple multiplayer games

    * Walker PTS: Score 44 points with Moments Rewards Kemba Walker over multiple Triple Threat Online games

    * Young Career High PTS: Score 56 points with Moments Rewards Trae Young over multiple Clutch Time games

    * Brown Career High PTS: Score 50 points and get a one steal with Moments Rewards Jaylen Brown in a single Challenge game

    * Oubre Jr. 3's & REB: Make nine three-pointers and get six rebounds with Moments Rewards Kelly Oubre Jr. in a single game

  • NBA 2K22 Season 4: How To Unlock Galaxy Opal Yao Ming?

    NBA 2K22 Season 4: How To Unlock Galaxy Opal Yao Ming?

    Jan 19, 2022

    NBA 2K22 Season 4 is in full swing, and you can unlock a variety of new rewards for MyTeam, like the all-new Galaxy Opal Yao Ming, which is one of the greatest rewards in NBA 2K and is the cornerstone of Season 4 rewards.

    This is one of nine Galaxy Opal rewarded player cards, which also include Terry Cummings and Tony Parker.

    In Season 4, you will get more rewards and quests than in the previous 3 seasons. If you're a console user, then you should notice that your city affiliations in NBA 2K22 will be updated to match the Season 4 theme. If you need any help in the process, you can always come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT.

    How to get Galaxy Opal Yao Ming?

    Unlocking Yao Ming will require you to grin as much as you can to earn more XP, including completing quests that require exploration around the City or Cancha Del Mar.

    GAMEMS will show you how to get the Galaxy Opal Yao Ming.

    Galaxy Opal Yao Ming is only obtainable when you reach level 40 in Season 4. In NBA 2K22, you can reach level 40 more easily by completing weekly quests, as well as taking advantage of attribute boosts. Candace Parker gives your team attribute boosts as you earn more XP for completing the Agendas. As MyTeam's Diamond Coach, Candace Parker also brings the first double Signature Challenges to the MyTeam season, helping you reach level 40 and unlock Galaxy Opal Yao Ming faster.

    Also, Dwayne Wade brings this type of challenge to MyTeam, there are tons of challenges and quests to complete and it will get easier to get a Galaxy Opal Yao Ming.

    If you complete Ultimated Showdown Tier in Season 3, you'll earn an extra 150,000 XP, and haven't logged in since Season 4, then you'll earn Galaxy Opal Yao Ming. These XP points are rewards for the gamers who have completed Showdown in NBA 2K22. In addition to earning Galaxy Opal Yao Ming, gamers who reach level 40 in NBA 2K22 in the previous 3 seasons will also receive Legend Status, a reward that requires them to reach level 40 in four seasons.

    For more NBA 2K22 latest news and game guides, you can pay more attention to GAMEMS.

  • NBA 2K22 MyCareer: How To Get Your Pet Tiger In Season 4?

    NBA 2K22 MyCareer: How To Get Your Pet Tiger In Season 4?

    Jan 17, 2022

    NBA 2K22 Season 4 has arrived, and it's crazy for adding a pet tiger, but this has also piqued the curiosity of gamers wanting to get it. GAMEMS will guide you on how to get this pet tiger.

    NBA 2K22 Season 4

    The theme of Season 4 is Hunt 4 Glory, however, you may need to purchase your top predator companion.

    How to get the pet tiger?

    Companions are on their way to NBA 2K22 Season 4, however, the latest news has gamers confused.

    The first is that the level 40 reward is a pet parrot. Before long, you'll need to buy your pet tiger in MyCareer, which comes in colors ranging from 35K VC to 50K VC.

    If you don't have enough 2K22 VC then this is tough for you. So GAMEMS will provide other methods to help you get this pet tiger.

    With Season 4 arriving, you should be prepared to see multiple tigers running around The City and Cancha Del. But you have to be careful around the courts as you might get bit.

    When you reach level 40 in MyCareer, you can buy your pet tiger. Reaching level 40 is a daunting task that requires you to complete more quests.

    You can start your level 40 journey in MyCareer and MyTeam, where you'll get tons of rewards, including the Victor Solomon Kintsugi ball. If you need NBA 2K22 MT along the way, you can buy them on GAMEMS, which will help you achieve your goals faster.

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