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  • NBA 2K21: All-Star Update Has Been Released

    NBA 2K21: All-Star Update Has Been Released

    Mar 06, 2021

    The NBA is preparing for the All-Star Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia on March 7. While the players are preparing for Skill Challenge, Dunk Contest and Three-point Contest, NBA 2K21 players will also usher in a treat. Now, NBA 2K21 has released an All-Star update, adjusted the ratings of many All-Stars this year, added the All-Star lineups, released the 2021 All-Star jerseys, and added clothing only available during All-Star Weekend.

    The overall ratings of many All-Star participants have changed, including:

    Joel Embiid

    Nikola Jokic

    Kyrie Irving

    Bradley Beal and more

    Unfortunately, even after being selected to the All-Star lineup, some players' ratings have dropped:

    Kyrie Irving dropped 1 point and now the OVR is 91

    Bradley Beal dropped one point, the OVR is 90 

    But many All-Star players' ratings have been improved

    MVP front-runner Joel Embiid's overall ratings increased from 94 to 95

    Nikola Jokic's overall rating also increased by 1 point, now OVR is 95.

    Zion Williamson's overall rating for the Western All-Stars also rose by one point, reaching 89.

    Donovan Mitchell's overall rating also increased by 1 point, reaching 88.

    Julius Randle of the first time All-Star also improved by 1 point to 87.

    MyTeam cards

    In addition to the ratings update, 2K also joined the 2021 All-Star lineup led by Lebron James and Kevin Durant. There are also some MyTeam cards, including Dark Matter Heroes 99 OVR Michael Jordan and Zion Williamson. To celebrate the All-Star Weekend, you can also enter a new challenge in MyTeam - All-Star Spotlight Sim, which will require you to challenge the greatest All-Star players in history, you may have a chance to win a free bike for one fan's MyPlayer.

    New clothing

    This update will also introduce some new clothing from iconic brands. This weekend, you can buy clothing items from brands such as Just Don, Bape, and Staple. The All-Star update has been released, and you can see all the new ratings and All-Star teams.

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  • NBA 2K21: Player Ratings Update Is Here!

    NBA 2K21: Player Ratings Update Is Here!

    Feb 05, 2021

    The NBA season is in full swing, and the All-Star break is coming soon, which means that NBA 2K21 evaluators have enough time during the season to judge how close all players are to their game ratings. Of course, this is changeable, because as things evolve, the ratings of players are constantly changing. 2K has announced a series of changes to the player ratings of 2K21.

    This time the update has witnessed changes in the overall ratings for more than 120 NBA players. Some players' ratings have improved, while others have dropped.

    Some stars like Joel Embiid and Jaylen Brown, as well as some other Utah Jazz members, have received improved overall ratings after the team's 11-game winning streak. Among them, Garrison Matthews's rating increased the most, rising by 4 points. Danilo Gallinari and Chris Boucher are the opposite, their overall ratings have dropped by 3 points.

    Player ratings rise

    Joel Embiid: 94 OVR (+1)

    Jaylen Brown: 89 OVR (+1)

    Trae Young: 88 OVR (+1)

    Ruby Gobert: 88 OVR (+1)

    Ben Simmons: 87 OVR (+1)

    Clint Capela: 85 OVR (+1)

    Mike Conley: 85 OVR (+1)

    Christian Wood: 85 OVR (+1)

    Pascal Siakam: 84 OVR (+1)

    Jarrett Allen: 83 OVR (+1)

    Deandre Ayton: 83 OVR (+1)

    Serge Ibaka: 82 OVR (+1)

    Mitchell Robinson: 82 OVR (+1)

    Myles Turner: 82 OVR (+1)

    Fred VanVleet: 86 OVR (+2)

    Player ratings drop

    Khris Middleton: 87 OVR (-1)

    Kristaps Porzingis: 86 OVR (-1)

    Kemba Walker: 85 OVR (-1)

    Kyle Lowry: 83 OVR (-1)

    Tyler Herro: 81 OVR (-1)

    Terry Rozier III: 81 OVR (-1)

    Otto Porter: 80 OVR (-1)

    Danilo Gallinari: 80 OVR (-3)

    Goran Dragic: 80 OVR (-1)

    Aaron Gordon: 80 OVR (-1)

    Chris Boucher: 80 OVR (-3)

    This is just part of the latest player ratings. If you are an NBA 2K21 gamer, you should have seen the complete roster. Now, you can fully immerse yourself in the game.

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  • NBA 2K21 Adds Chicago Bulls Legend To The Game

    NBA 2K21 Adds Chicago Bulls Legend To The Game

    Jan 20, 2021

    The new NBA 2K21 MyTeam series has launched, which introduced legendary players from the Chicago Bulls. In Throwback Moments: Central pack, one of the top-tier cards of this series is the Pink Diamond Ben Gordon. The reward card of this series is a Pink Diamond Junior Bridgeman. In addition, there are also Amethyst Brad Daugherty and BJ Armstrong.

    Ben Gordon

    The Gordon card is a surprising addition. Because he is one of the best players on the Bulls this century, his absence has had a big impact on the team. This card is impressive, we can infer that from the perspective of attributes and badges, he meets all the conditions of high-quality cards.

    If you are worried about the defense, then Gordon's Gold Clamps can give you some comfort.

    In addition, he has:

           85 driving dunk

           96 speed with the ball

           94 three-point shot

    Because Gordon can play point guard and shooting guard, he should fit most lineups.

    Jerry Stackhouse

    In addition to Gordon getting some attention because of his absence from the game, the Pink Diamond Jerry Stackhouse should also be noticed because of his outstanding performance and his own attributes and badges.

    Like Gordon, the Stackhouse card also has Gold Clamps. He also has 95 driving dunk ratings, all of which are augmented by 8 Hall-of-Fame finishing badges. His 88 three-point ratings were improved by HOF Green Machine and Hot Zone Hunter.

    Because Stackhouse is 6'6", but Gordon is 6'3", based on this, the best card in this series may be the Stackhouse card.

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  • NBA 2K21 Guide: Tips And Tricks For Shooting

    NBA 2K21 Guide: Tips And Tricks For Shooting

    Dec 16, 2020

    NBA 2K21 has made some changes in the shooting. If you are a big fan of NBA 2K, you should notice. Now, in NBA 2K21, even if you are a veteran, you may miss a shot. This also proves how different the NBA 2K21 version is.

    2K21's shooting system is more about shooting style, it emphasizes the actual situation of each player. Different styles will have different effects on the players' shot percentage, so next, we will tell you some related tips so that you can quickly master this system.

    General Shooting Tips

              * Tap the left trigger at the ideal release time for a boost

              * If you're using Shot Button, turn off Shot Meter for a boost

              * OR turn off Shot Aiming if you want Shot Timing on Pro Stick like last year

    Pro Stick Shooting Tips

    For those players who are accustomed to using Pro Stick, you need to know the following suggestions:

              * Pull the right stick down: the meter starts close to the center, not to the left or right, so correct for that.

              * Once pulled back, nudge the right stick left or right a little to correct your angle. Make sure your hands stay steady.

              * Focus on your aim and keeping your hands steady and the player works out the rest automatically

              * Catch the correct time to shot is the most important

    Keep your shots consistent

    For many gamers, they will encounter some difficulties, which makes them unable to shoot more consistently in the game. Many times the results presented by the game are not what you expected.

          * Aim for the Hot Zones (Blue Areas): From here, your players will get a better boost. You can keep practicing with your favorite players and find out where their Hot Zones are.

          * Turn off the Shot Meter, shooting with Square/X. It may lack accuracy, but it is more in line with your habits.

          * MyCareer: focus on Shooting badges, which will increase your Shooting ability without messing with stats.

    Knowing how they work helps you quickly dominate the game and become a winner. But this requires you to spend a lot of time to practice, because practice leads to success!

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  • NBA 2K21 Christmas Events: Will Winter Madness Be Back Again?

    NBA 2K21 Christmas Events: Will Winter Madness Be Back Again?

    Dec 12, 2020

    Christmas is approaching now, and I bet many Christmas promotions are already underway. As fans of NBA 2K21, what promotions can we expect?

    In fact, Season 3, also known as The Season of Giving, is underway at full speed in NBA 2K21. The latest MyTeam promo has a unique style with the Christmas tint. What about the other parts?

    Christmas Event

    Last year, EA provided a Christmas-themed Park, and Winter Madness brought freshness to players. Will it come back again this year? Or it will usher in a new event?

    The Neighborhood

    In NBA 2K20, Neighborhood can be said to be the most "Christmas" place, but because Christmas has not yet come this year, so in 2K21, you haven't really felt it. In 20, there are Christmas trees, gifts, snow and more content, and they all started on December 1st last year, so this year EA still doesn't leak any news, which is a bit confusing.


    Because there is already Season of Giving, we are not sure if there will be more Christmas content in MyTeam. Despite this, many fans are still looking forward to seeing the Locker Code as a reward to drop on Christmas Day. It would be better if more Pink Diamonds and future Collections are available throughout December.

    Winter Madness

    In NBA 2K19, Winter Madness first appeared, it immediately captured the hearts of fans. This 9-day event starts on December 22 and runs until December 30. It features a series of different content, from competitions to beats to celebrity 1v1s.

    So, in this year's NBA 2K21, can we still see its return?

    In any case, we can still look forward to interesting events. If EA releases relevant news, GAMEMS will update the article in time to let you know.

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  • NBA 2K21: If You Want To Complete Dunks And Layups, Remember To Equip With These Great Badges!

    NBA 2K21: If You Want To Complete Dunks And Layups, Remember To Equip With These Great Badges!

    Nov 09, 2020

    In basketball, smooth dunks and layups are crucial for a guard, so if you want to successfully complete these actions in NBA 2K21, you need to be equipped with these correct finishing badges. This guide will show you how to equip the best finish badges to maximize the player's abilities.

    Hall of Fame

    Contact Finisher Hall

    It is by far one of the most important finishing badges in the game. It can increase the chances of a player successfully performing a contact dunk or a layup. If your builds finishing attributes above 80, this badge will greatly improve the player's efficiency in this area. This Hall of Fame badge will allow your players to show the strongest contact dunk! Even if you face the best defenders, when paired with the correct dunk and layup animations, Contact Finisher will take your players' finishing skills to a higher level.

    Slithery Finisher

    As long as you are a guard, Slithery Finisher is an important badge for you. It can improve the player's ability to avoid contact with the defense when making a dunk or layup. When you set it to the Hall of Fame level, the player will be able to easily pass the defense to protect the rim, and the success rate of dunking or layup will also be increased.


    Pro Touch

    This is good for layups and it gives players an extra boost for layups.

    The Gold level of this badge ensures that layup efforts are converted into easy points.


    If you want to show off your moves on the court, such as the reverse layup and euro-step, then you this badge is the must-have! Because the Gold level will ensure that all your stunt layups are ultimately successful.


    Consistent Finisher

    It can improve your layup skills and can aid your layup scoring efforts. Because it allows you to reduce penalties for inappropriate layups and get a more consistent score. We recommend setting this badge to the silver level, because there is no need to make it to a higher level.


    Giant Slayer

    This badge is very useful for players who rely on layups. It can not only improve the efficiency of layups and fight against taller defenders, but also reduce the chance of being blocked at the rim. We recommend that you set it to Bronze, because this layer is enough for this badge to play its role.

    Building a fantasy team requires NBA 2K21 MT, so don't arbitrarily NBA 2K21 MT on any badges, You need to upgrade specific badges according to players' specific circumstances.

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  • NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: You'll Enjoy Full MMO With The City Mode

    NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: You'll Enjoy Full MMO With The City Mode

    Nov 05, 2020

    In addition to the realistic graphics and the new WNBA mode, the next generation of NBA 2K21 will still bring us new content. In the next generation, you can also add The City, which is an expanded online world, to the list of specific features.

    The City

    The city is built on the basis of the Neighborhood game mode. If you are a fan of NBA 2K, you should be familiar with the Neighborhood mode. It has always been one of the hallmarks of this game, so The City sounds like MMORPG.

    When you first come to the city, you need to start from Rookieville. As the name implies, when you enter the online world, there are several tasks that you need to complete. Once you leave Rookieville, you will be able to join any of the following Affiliations: North, South, East, and West. Each has its own mayor.


    The first mayor was selected by Visual Concepts from the NBA 2K community. After that, each Affiliation elects the mayor by voting. The term of each mayor is six weeks. As a mayor, you will have the right to define the visual identity of your faction.

    And the mayor can also customize your Affiliation's uniforms, court designs and more. This is gorgeous!

    Challenge other players

    As you continue to explore the hub, you will see basketball hoops next to some buildings, where you can challenge other players to games of HORSE and half-court. There are 6 players in total.


    In this process, you will also encounter NPCs, you have to complete the tasks they give you, which is almost the same as other MMO games, and there will be an exclamation mark above their heads!

    There are also stores around the world, where you can customize the appearance of your character.

    NBA 2K21 next-gen will be released on XBOX Series X/S on November 10th.

    Released on PS5 on November 12th, once next-gen is released, you can visit The City.

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  • NBA 2K21 MyCareer: Which Position Is The Best For You To Play In LA Clippers?

    NBA 2K21 MyCareer: Which Position Is The Best For You To Play In LA Clippers?

    Nov 04, 2020

    The next generation of NBA 2K21 is coming soon. It will be released on Xbox Series X/S on November 10 and PS5 will get the game on November 12. So NBA 2K21 fans need to pay attention to these two dates.

    If you will be the next generation player of NBA 2K21, would you choose to play in LA Clippers? Because this team is also popular, if you do, what position would you like to play?

    Each gamer focuses on different aspects. Some gamers will focus more on a build that is more suitable The Rec or The Park, but there are also other gamers who want to realize their great basketball dreams in the game. So, if you are a fan of the LA Clippers and you want to lead your team to success in the game, choosing the right position is an important prerequisite.

    First of all, they don't need wings, because Kawhl Lenard and Paul George joined. And Ivica Zubac's starting center position is too strong to be shaken, so power forward and point guard are your best choices.

    If you choose one of the two, we recommend that you choose a point guard, which will make the game more interesting! 2K ditched the pie chart skill selection in the next-generation version, so you can add points where you think it is necessary. Building a pass-first player is what Clippers needs, and if such a player joins in, it will undoubtedly increase their chances of winning. So when you start building, pay attention to playmaking and defense with adding some shooting points.

    The perfect cooperation of Kawhi and PG will bring some easy assists, while the pick-and-roll game with Ivica Zubac will be able to create more opportunities for the whole team.

    If you create a point guard, which means that Patrick Beverley will move to the bench, but giving Lou Williams a point guard that truly matches him can benefit the second unit.

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