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  • Champions and LTDs have been revealed in Madden 22 Sugar Rush 2

    Champions and LTDs have been revealed in Madden 22 Sugar Rush 2

    Apr 19, 2022

    Madden 22 Sugar Rush 2 card is coming to Ultimate Team, and the latest LTD will be a great addition to the frontline of players’ teams. Players can see not only LTD, but also Champions and other cards. Players can get enough Madden 22 Coins to get these player cards.

    The new cards in Ultimate Team are part two of the Madden 22 Sugar Rush promotion. With that comes a plethora of new cards for players to collect. Perhaps the most sought-after hand in the group is LTD Bruce Matthews with 99 OVR in center position.

    This card isn’t the only one players will want to target from the Madden 22 Sugar Rush 2 version. There is also a 98 OVR Michael Irvin and 98 OVR Ty Law that work perfectly.

    The lowest rated cards in Madden 22 Sugar Rush Part 2 are the 88 OVRs, but they’re still a great option in the MUT 22 lineup. With a wide variety of positions, players can find the exact card you need, and if they want, they can go directly to the auction house to get it.

    There are many cards for the Sugar Rush 2 promo, including:

    *Ed Oliver - DT - 88 OVR

    Benardrick McKinney - MLB - 88 OVR

    Tommy Townsend - P - 88 OVR

    Mason Crosby - K - 88 OVR

    Rock Ya-Sin - CB - 88 OVR

    Levi Onwuzurike - LE - 90 OVR

    Gabe Jackson - LG - 90 OVR

    Tyler Bass - K - 90 OVR

    Jalen Thompson - FS - 92 OVR

    Cairo Santos - K - 92 OVR

    Braden Smith - RT - 92 OVR

    Andy Janovich - FB - 92 OVR

    Derrick Barnes - LOLB - 94 OVR

    James Smith-Williams - DT - 94 OVR

    Jack Conklin - RT - 94 OVR

    DeMarcus Robinson - WR - 94 OVR

    Ray Lewis - LOLB - 95 OVR (NCAT)

    Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB - 95 OVR (NCAT)

    *Sugar Rush Heroes

    Budda Baker - SS - 96 OVR

    Davon Hamilton - DT - 96 OVR

    Eric Wilson - ROLB - 96 OVR

    Odafe Oweh - ROLB - 96 OVR

    Divine Deablo - SS - 96 OVR

    Sam Darnold - QB - 96 OVR

    Robert Woods - WR - 96 OVR

    Halapoulivaati Vaitai - RG - 96 OVR

    Donovan Smith - LT - 96 OVR

    C.J. Uzomah - TE - 96 OVR

    *Sugar Rush Champions

    Mike Singeltary - MLB - 98 OVR

    Ty Law - CB - 98 OVR

    Michael Irvin - WR - 98 OVR

    *Sugar Rush LTDs (Part 2)

    Bruce Matthews - C - 99 OVR

    To better participate in this event, players can buy Madden 22 Coins at GameMS. Be prepared, this is a good opportunity for players to expand the strength of the team.

  • Madden 22 Passing Guide: How To Throw Different Passes?

    Madden 22 Passing Guide: How To Throw Different Passes?

    Mar 11, 2022

    In Madden 22, you have the opportunity to have the highest-rated quarterback. Throwing the best pass in certain situations will come in handy when you guide the ball to the receiver. GAMEMS will teach you how to throw a low pass, a high pass, and more.

    Each receiver has a corresponding button, such as Square, Triangle, R1 on PS4 controller or Y, X, A, B buttons on Xbox. You will press the button for the specific receiver you want to throw to.

    How to throw a low pass?

    If you want to give the receiver a low pass, press the receiver icon and hold the L2 button on the PlayStation controller. On an Xbox controller, hold down the LB button.

    How to throw a high pass?

    To throw a high pass, press the receiver icon and hold the L1 button on the PlayStation controller and hold the LT button on the Xbox controller.

    Other Passing Options

    If your quarterback is struggling, you can consider some of the other Madden 22 passing options. If necessary, you can pump fake, scramble, or throw the ball away.

    Pump Fake

    A pump fake is a fake-out move that you can ask your quarterback to do by double-tapping on a receiver icon. A high-rated quarterback can make the move more perfect, so investing in a good quarterback with Madden 22 Coins is a must.


    To scramble with your quarterback, use the left stick and the R2 button on the controller. Your quarterback quickly shifts from trying to make a pass, to scrambling away from an approaching defender.

    Throw the ball away

    If you're in trouble, you can throw the ball away. To do this, hold down the right stick on the controller, which should throw the ball to the sidelines and away from any coverage.

  • Madden 22: Best WR Abilities That Can Enhance Your Passing Game

    Madden 22: Best WR Abilities That Can Enhance Your Passing Game

    Feb 18, 2022

    The receivers are also different, for example, Tyreek Hill is very speedy, Travis Kelce is a dynamic possession receiver, and Amari Cooper is a precise route runner. So you'll need to pick the right receiver for your lineup, and plenty of Madden 22 Coins can make it easier to get the players you need.

    In Madden 22, the wide receiver abilities allow you to maximize the unique style of your favorite receiver to get an edge against defenses and take advantage of favorable matchups. A receiver with the right abilities will benefit your offense.

    Based on this, GAMEMS lists the best WR abilities you can use in Madden 22.

    Route Technician

    Route Technician allows receivers to make quicker cuts, which will give your WR a higher percentage chance to rip through zone coverage with double moves or slants.

    With Route Technician, the defense will be forced to play more man coverage, which will create chances for deeper passes. 

    Deep Out Elite

    Deep Out Elite is a great ability with speedy receivers that can consistently gain a step or two of separation. This ability increases your chances of successfully catch over 20 yards, and using the play-action of this ability, you can try good routes, namely fly patterns, deep posts and deep corner passes.

    Short Out Elite

    Stay offensive defense by giving TEs, RBs, and slot receivers this Short Out Elite ability. When a short play breaks within 10 yards, this WR ability can work well for you against third-and-short.

    Red Zone Threat

    Speed and size wins to make the Red Zone Threat a formidable ability, to take advantage of this, elevate your defender in the back of the end zone, or race a defensive back to the pylon on the WR screen. A less field means that there will be a lot of traffic and less room for errors in throwing accuracy.


    Screen passes in the backcourt, and passes underneath to slot receivers can cause CBs and LBs to miss tackles, which is where the Grab-N-Go ability comes into play, allowing you to quickly change direction and momentum shifts without losing speed. Thus, Grab-N-Go can turn short passes into long passes gains with athletic receivers.

    You can tailor your wide receiver to your needs, or use these abilities to create more cohesion in your quarterback's skill set.

  • Madden 22: How To Get The Cooper Kupp Super Bowl MVP Item More Easily?

    Madden 22: How To Get The Cooper Kupp Super Bowl MVP Item More Easily?

    Feb 16, 2022

    In Madden 22, if you want to build the best lineup, you need the best receiver of all MUT 22 on your team. Right now, the best card in the MUT marketplace is Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, a 99 OVR card with tons of abilities at wide receiver, which of course costs you a lot of Madden 22 Coins.

    So how can you add it to your Ultimate Team, GAMEMS will give specific methods.

    Cooper Kupp Super Bowl MVP

    You'll need to acquire some Super Bowl Past and Present items. Cooper is on your roster for several reasons, and it's important that you put him on the depth chart. That's true because he's not a very tall wide receiver and plays perfectly in the slot position. This card sells for over 700K MUT 22 Coins at the Auction House, but we'll provide an easier way to get it.

    How to redeem the 99 OVR Cooper Kupp?

    Once you've added some Super Bowl Past and Present cards to your Madden 22 lineup, you can redeem them for Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp.

    Make sure you keep some cards that will bolster your lineup, if you have a Tee Higgins 95 OVR and another card you don't need, you can switch it out for Cooper Kupp.

    You need to go to the set page and exchange 2 Super Bowl Past or Present cards for the 99 OVR Cooper Kupp. Once you do, he will be added to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team roster.

    After that, you can consider wide receivers to pair him with, NFL Honors Js'Marr Chase is a good choice.

  • Cooper Kupp Madden 22 Rating

    Cooper Kupp Madden 22 Rating

    Feb 15, 2022

    Fans are curious about his Madden 22 rating because Cooper Kupp is doing well in the playoffs. Now, with his overall rating of 97, GAMEMS will explain how he got there.

    Regular Season Rating

    After the NFL regular season, Cooper Kupp, who led in three major categories of wide receivers, improved his Madden 22 player rating. During the regular season, he recorded 145 catches for 1947 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns.

    The numbers produced by Kupp were good for the second-most all-time. A regular-season elite production led Kupp to win the Offensive Player of the Year award. Kupp's overall rating is 86 as the game launch.

    Kupp cemented his status as No. 1 target for QB Matt Stafford remainder of the season after suffering an injury during practice in Week 15 of the season.

    Cooper Kupp's Madden 22 rating went up in Weeks 2-5, from 87 to 90. After not seeing a rating increase for 2 weeks, Kupp rated 91 in Weeks 8-13 of the regular season. At the end of the regular season, Kupp Madden 22 was rated at 94 OVR. As his rating goes up, his card becomes more valuable and will cost you more Madden 22 Coins.

    Post-season Rating

    His most notable performance in the playoffs was against the Los Angeles 49ers, where he had 11 receptions for 142 yards and two touchdowns. That performance earned the Rams an NFC Championship title, a Super Bowl LVI game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and a rating boost last month.

    Based on his performance in the Wild Card round, he had a 95 rating in the NFL playoffs, after the Divisional round, his rating rose to 96 OVR, in the NFC championship game, he had a 97 OVR, and the performance in Super Bowl LVI allowed him to join 99Club.

    Kupp's rise in ratings makes him the third-highest WR in Madden 22. If you are interested in him, you can start accumulating Madden 22 Coins from right now.

  • Madden 22 Super Bowl Present Players Will Arrive In Part 2!

    Madden 22 Super Bowl Present Players Will Arrive In Part 2!

    Feb 10, 2022

    With the big game looming, the Madden 22 Super Bowl show is already on the radar in Ultimate Team. GAMEMS has been informed of the details of the Super Bowl Present players.

    Super Bowl Present Part 2

    This year's Madden 22 Super Bowl promo took inspiration from Madden Ghost of Madden's Ultimate Team as they channel greats of the Past, Present, and what could be the Future next. Last week, the first part released the Past of the Super Bowl, and now they're focusing on the present legends.

    The release date for the Madden 22 Super Bowl will be February 11, but the drop may be available anytime between early morning and late afternoon.

    At this time, the future release of the Super Bowl has not been determined, and this will also be the third part of the promotion, based on the current plan, we speculate that it will start this Friday, Feb 18.

    Super Bowl Present Players

    Right now, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams have gotten the way into the Present Super Bowl, making them the center of this Ultimate Team promo. The only announced player is Trey Hendrickson's 95 OVR version. Before everything is released, you can prepare well in advance, and buy Madden 22 Coins from GAMEMS is the best choice, which will help you become a winner on the field.

    In Part 1 of the promotion, representing the Super Bowl Past, they brought 16 Elites, 8 Heroes, 2 LTDs, and 2 Special Cards for a total of 28 new players in Ultimate Team.

    With only 2 teams to choose from, we'll see a smaller field, but if they bring 20+ in this drop, it's a huge surprise for gamers. We will look forward to the new players.

  • Madden 22 Predicted Super Bowl 56 Winner

    Madden 22 Predicted Super Bowl 56 Winner

    Feb 08, 2022

    As in previous years, EA also released the results of the Madden Super Bowl simulation. Now, Madden 22's predictions are out, and it believes the Cincinnati Bengals will defeat the Los Angeles Rams in a game and make it to the final play. GAMEMS will describe the simulation process in detail.

    According to the simulation, the Bengals will trail the Rams 14-7 at halftime before Bengals Corner Eli Apple picks off Rams QB Matthew Stafford for a pick-six to tie the game with an extra point.

    Bengals QB Joe Burrow connects with Tee Higgins in the 4th quarter, gave the Bengals the edge until Stafford found Odell Beckham Jr. for a touchdown to tie it again.

    To end the game, Burrow and Bengals moved the ball far enough to give kicker Evan McPherson a chance to win the game and played perfectly. The Bengals won by 24-21 and Burrow became the first QB to win the Heisman, College Football National Championship, and the Super Bowl, assuming that prediction is accurate. This prediction is just to entertain everyone, after all, last year's prediction was completely wrong.

    Additionally, EA also announced a new promotion for Madden 22's Ultimate Team mode. Between February 7th and 14th, everyone who runs 5 miles and records it in the Nike Run Club app will receive an achievement badge and a +7 speed version of Aaron Donald in the game.

    The real Super Bowl LVI will go live on NBC on Sunday, February 13, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson will appear in the pre-game festivities, which GAMEMS is very much looking forward to.

    For gamers who are immersed in Madden 22, they can come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins at any time, which will allow them to get the players they want faster and build a better team.

  • Madden 22: EA Is Marking Brady's Retirement By Boosting His OVR To 99

    Madden 22: EA Is Marking Brady's Retirement By Boosting His OVR To 99

    Feb 06, 2022

    Finally, Brady announced his retirement, and GAMEMS listed more news. EA Sports raised Tom Brady's Madden 22 overall rating to 99 in honor of his retirement. This is Brady's second 99 OVR this season, as he originally set a career-high passing record in October when the record was 99 OVR.

    Brady started the NFL with 57 OVR in 2001, and his rating has been improved over the past few years with his performances in the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So it's common for him to get 99 OVR in the Madden series.

    Brady's final season with the Buccaneers was one of his best in passing stats, leading the NFL in touchdown passes (43) and total passing yards (5,316).

    In addition to boosting Brady's overall score to 99, EA has added him in a new Madden Ultimate Team pack honoring the legendary QB. So, if you want to get his player card, you can buy Madden 22 Coins on GAMEMS now, which will make your dream come true faster.

    As for other Madden-related news, EA is trying to set a world record by playing the game on a huge screen on the Las Vegas Strip. In addition, we also hope that EA will release the results of its annual Super Bowl simulation on February 13, and GAMEMS will also be keeping an eye on Madden 22.

  • Tom Brady Retired? Fake News!

    Tom Brady Retired? Fake News!

    Jan 30, 2022

    Reports that Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, will soon retire, caused quite a stir. However, GAMEMS knew that this is completely fake news, as Brady has not made a final decision.

    When the news was first reported, many fans were shocked and saddened because it meant the end of an era.

    Brady's career lasted a total of 22 years, which means he's been in the series since Madden 2001. In fact, Brady is still the last NFL player active in a Madden game that was released on a cartridge.

    It was also mentioned that Brady's experience in Madden was impressive, as was his career, when Brady first appeared in the Madden series, his overall rating was only 51. Since then, he's been on the cover of two different Madden games, and his OVR has continued to improve until now at 99.

    The last time Brady appeared on the cover of Madden was the current edition - Madden NFL 22. So, just in time it was the focus of his career, and in a way, it was at the peak. However, with the rumors cleared up, many fans are happy again because they can continue to witness the greatness in NFL history.

    Once Tom Brady officially announces his retirement, GAMEMS will also broadcast in time, but for now, fans can rest assured that he has not decided to officially retire! Now fans can focus on Madden 22, and if you need any help, you can always come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins.

    With the accumulation of Coins, getting Brady's Player Card is not wishful thinking!

  • Madden NFL 22: How To Strip The Ball?

    Madden NFL 22: How To Strip The Ball?

    Jan 29, 2022

    In Madden 22, whether you want to be on the NFL field or in The Yard, getting the ball out of a ball carrier’s hand is a critical thing, and based on that, GAMEMS will show you how to strip the ball.

    How to strip the ball?

    If you take a hit in the game, especially a hard one, you can miss out at any point. Every player has the skill to carry the ball and is more or less fumble prone, which depends on their attributes. Our suggestion is that, instead of waiting for a random fumble to happen, you can try to do a skill check of sorts. Or, before you start, you can invest Madden 22 Coins in some highly-rated players, which will greatly improve your odds of success.

    When you're about to strip the ball as a defender, press "R1" on PlayStation and "RB" on Xbox when you are in tacking range of an offensive player with the ball. Just because you've done it all doesn't mean you'll get a fumble every time. Your defender can fail and potentially remove himself from position to get a tackle. 

    Offensive players can book it for some significant yards if there is an open space. In addition, you run the risk of the defender missing and inadvertent committing a face mask penalty.

    Be careful when you choose to strip a ball in Madden 22, and try to save it for chances where a stripped ball can change the course of the game.

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