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  • Madden 22: How To Get Momentum?

    Madden 22: How To Get Momentum?

    Aug 27, 2021

    Momentum is a newly added feature of Madden 22. Momentum allows popular teams to get specific boots, from increasing success rates for the blocks, shaking the play art of the opposing team, and even the unique Home Field Advantage of each NFL team's stadium. However, many gamers don't know how to get Momentum in Madden 22. In this regard, GAMEMS will make a detailed introduction.

    First of all, you can see the new Momentum bar on the score bug on the top of the screen, that is, directly above the team logos and score.

    You can obtain Momentum in a variety of ways, including:

    * Forcing turnovers

    * Gaining first downs

    * Big gains in yardage

    * Plays that result in a safety

    * Field goals

    * Touchdowns

    As you can imagine, scoring plays will produce greater gains in Momentum, rather than the first downs.

    Momentum is not entirely controlled by game scores. Now, under obvious circumstances, that is 20-30 point leads, the winning team is most likely to have a lot of Momentum.

    As for closer games, it’s another matter. If the score of a game is 21-14, but the losing team scores two TDs to reduces the lead to 7 points, then this team can have more Momentum because the players of this team performed better at that particular time.

    Because of this, you must control the game to avoid Momentum swings. Even if you are a leader, you are not necessarily safe, so you need to be fully prepared on the court.

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  • Madden 22: How Do You Slide and Dive In The Game?

    Madden 22: How Do You Slide and Dive In The Game?

    Aug 25, 2021

    In Madden 22, mastering how to slide and dive is a key part of running the ball, if you are not used to them, the control may be a bit sluggish. The sliding and diving control is the same as the last year, if you are a veteran Madden player, then this is kinda easy. This is a bit difficult for new players, so GAMEMS will introduce in detail how to slide and dive in Madden 22.

    How to slide?

    In Madden 22, you need to tap the ‘Square’ on the PlayStation or the ‘X’ button on the Xbox. If you want to slide, you need to tap the button slightly. Holding it for too long will cause a dive.

    To QB slide, you need to compete with the quarterback with R2/R1 and run out of the pocket. This will allow you to sprint with the quarterback. Once you cross the line of scrimmage, you can click Square/X to slide.

    How to dive?

    In Madden 22, you can hold the Square on the PlayStation or the X button on the Xbox while sprinting. This button is the same as the sliding button, the only difference is the time to hold the button.

    In general, tapping the Square/X button will slide, and holding it down will make you dive. Just like sliding, you have to make sure to sprint across the line of scrimmage before attempting a dive. If you are still behind the line, your quarterback will try to pass the ball because passing uses the same buttons as diving.

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  • Madden 22: What Is Cred and How To Get Them?

    Madden 22: What Is Cred and How To Get Them?

    Aug 24, 2021

    If you are a gamer of Madden 22, you should have seen a blue circle with a C in Madden Ultimate Team or The Yard. This is Cred, which is the new currency in the Madden franchise. But many gamers don't understand what it does. Based on this, GAMEMS will give a detailed introduction and show how to get them.

    What’s the usage of Cred?

    In Madden 22, you can use Cred to purchase in-game clothing options. Because your character can be used in The Yard, you can use Cred to buy jerseys, gloves, arm sleeves, etc. for your character.

    To purchase clothing for your players, you need to go to your Madden profile, which can be accessed on the home screen. Choose Edit Avatar. From there, you can buy clothing items by cycling through the home and away uniforms, and then through different options (Head Gear, Torso, Arms, Lower Body, Feet).

    You may see Cred pop up in your MUT profile, but you cannot use it to buy cards or packs. In Madden Ultimate Team, you can only use Points and MUT Coins to buy cards and packs. However, you can get Cred by playing MUT and other game modes.

    How to get Cred?

    You can earn Cred by completing Daily Objectives in your Madden account and Milestone-themed objectives. These objectives can range from complete a certain number of passes in various game modes of the game, or accruing sacks, and even scoring TDs.

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  • Madden 22: Why The Auction House Was Closed?

    Madden 22: Why The Auction House Was Closed?

    Aug 23, 2021

    Currently, after EA locked the Auction House to investigate an issue, many gamers are dissatisfied with it. This problem happens to be a glitch that allows gamers to redeem level-up rewards repeatedly. Not all accounts are prompted, but gamers across all platforms have been affected.

    Allegedly, Madden 22 continues to present a challenge complete and provides gamers with packs and experience, allowing them to reach the max level in 3 hours or less.

    This seems to be at a deadlock at the moment, and gamers want to upgrade, but this may have unfortunate consequences for the affected accounts. A gamer was even banned from showing the bug during the live stream.

    The developers of EA's Madden Ultimate Team shut down the Auction House around 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 21. And the Twitter account also posted an announcement to explain the situation to gamers. Later, with the situation developed, this account tweeted again and continued to link to the official Madden 22 forum. There are a total of 6 updates on Twitter, the most important two of which were recorded at 3:30 and 4:40 pm ET.

    An issue with the rewards system has caused some Madden Ultimate Team accounts to be suspended and locked. These accounts will temporarily be unable to access Madden Ultimate Team. Because the team is working hard to resolve these affected gamers.

    After a few hours of downtime, EA unlocked most of the affected accounts of the Auction House at around 3:30 pm ET However, by 4:40 pm ET, a small number of accounts were still under review. According to posts on the forum, the team will continue to investigate these accounts until next week.

    This situation is still in development, so if you are one of them, don’t worry, the only inconvenience is that you can’t buy MUT 22 Coins, but everything will return to normal soon.

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  • Madden 22 Guide: How To Scout Players In Franchise Mode?

    Madden 22 Guide: How To Scout Players In Franchise Mode?

    Aug 21, 2021

    In Madden 22, scouting will be improved, but there will also be some familiar components left from previous games. But if you are a new player in Madden, you may not know what you need to do to make college footballs become new members of your football. So GAMEMS will tell you what needs to be done to scout players.

    You cannot scout college football players during the Preseason. You will need to advance to Week 3 in your Franchise mode save the file to scout college players.

    Once you make Week 3, go to the Home screen, select "Scout College Players", and you will be prompted to enter the Scout screen.

    The game will ask you to choose a draft class, you can choose to let Madden automatically generate a rookie class, download a custom draft class through the Madden roster download tool, or import a local save file.

    After you choose a draft class, you can start scouting players. On the scout screen, you will see the draft board. Use A/X to select a player for scouting. From here, you will see the attributes, archetype, and top skills of this player. However, these skills will need to be unlocked.

    To unveil the skill, you need to spend Scouting Points, the scout points reset every week will allow you to unlock these three skills, as well as the player's potential. For most players, you need to spend 21-30 points to show all the traits and potential of each prospect. Remember to do this every week. Although you can carry over points that are not used to the next week, only 5% will be moved to the next stage.

    Scouting will be a little different later this year. As part of the live content update, EA Sports will revamp Scouting, adding the options of scouting by region, which is scheduled to be added sometime in September.

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  • Madden 22: The Rating Of Colin Kaepernick Is Higher Than Justin Herbert

    Madden 22: The Rating Of Colin Kaepernick Is Higher Than Justin Herbert

    Aug 20, 2021

    Colin Kaepernick hasn't played a game in the NFL since January 2017, but he still attracts fans' attention because he is better than half of the starters in the NFL. This is a conclusion based on Madden 22's latest ratings.

    The 33-year-old ex-San Francisco 49ers star-tuned-social justice icon appeared in the latest version of the EA Sports franchise. His overall rating is 81. This seems to have potential. If you are interested in him, then preparing Madden 22 Coins in advance is necessary.

    In contrast, this is higher than Justin Herbert, the star player of the Los Angeles Chargers. Herbert just won the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award with 4336 passing yards, 31 TDs, 10 INTs, and 230 rushing yards.

    The best year for Kap is 2014, he threw 3369 yards, 19 TD is 10 INTs, and 639 rushing yards.

    Kap's 81 rating is not only higher than Herbert (80) but also higher than Kirk Cousins (79), Trevor Lawrence (78), Ben Roethlisberger (78), Joe Burrow (77) and Jared Goff (77).

    Kap's speed rating is 83, the same as Baker Mayfield. His QB awareness is 87, which even surpasses Josh Allen, Matthew Stafford, and Kyler Murray.

    Of course, there is an impressive history between Madden and Kap. His name was removed from Big Sean's "Big Bank" soundtrack in 2018, but EA Sports has since apologized for it. Eventually, Kap also appeared in Madden 21, his rating is higher than Baker Mayfield and Cam Newton.

    Colin is training frantically, hoping to get another shot at playing, he also sent a note to each team, saying that he is ready and willing to go to any team for an interview or workout, if they are interested. But so far no team is willing to take risks.

    Sports should be the purest form of competition and should not be mixed with other factors. Moreover, Colin did not do anything wrong, so he deserves another chance. We firmly believe that he will surprise the audience.

    If there is news about Colin Kaepernick, GAMEMS will update the article to let you know as soon as possible. Now, Madden 22 has started, and MUT 22 Coins will be sought after by gamers, and they are also a hot-selling product of GAMEMS. So if you want to build your dream team as soon as possible, then come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins!

  • Madden 22 Offense Tricks: What Are The Best Offensive Playbooks?

    Madden 22 Offense Tricks: What Are The Best Offensive Playbooks?

    Aug 19, 2021

    Some people may have already started playing Madden 22, although it has not been fully released yet. If you are a fan of Madden 22, then don't miss some of the game guides provided by GAMEMS. Today we will introduce the most offensive Playbooks in Madden 22.

    Because playbooks are crucial, they can determine your level of creativity on the court. If you have a good enough formation to deal with every style of play, then you have a chance to win the final victory. Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to each team's playbooks before starting your career. You should know the abilities of your team, find the best type of play, and then choose the formation that will bring you success. Good playbooks also need great players to execute, so sufficient MUT 22 Coins will be necessary.

    Best offensive playbooks in Madden 22

    Las Vegas Raiders - Best for running

    In the NFL, the Las Vegas Raiders may not be the strongest team, but they have the best offensive playbooks in Madden 22.

    If you are looking for a variety of Run formations, Las Vegas Raiders playbooks will meet your needs. They have some very powerful formations that can break through the defensive line. This team’s playbook still features a new set of Split Twins formations under the Gun section that would surprise your opponents.

    Baltimore Ravens - Best for Mobile QB

    As the cover star of Madden 21, Lamar Jackson is arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He has an impressive running ability with the ball.

    So for games based on Mobile quarterbacks, the best playbooks are none other than Ravens. In Ravens Playbooks, The Pistol is the best part because of some great formations for a QB Run.

    Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chefs - Best for Passing

    Seattle Seahawks or Kansas City Chefs can be said to be the best Gun formations. They both have diversified formations and added some new features, such as Bunch Y Flex for Chefs.

    Meta formation in Madden 22

    It depends on your team's ability and your playstyle, but similar to the previous Madden games, in Madden 22, the Bunch formation may help you deal with most situations on the court.

    You may want to try some new formations, such as Bunch Y Flex in Gun. In addition, Bunch TE is a very rare formation, which is not available in many of the team's Playbooks.

    These are some recommended playbooks for you to choose from. With the release of the game, GAMEMS will provide more game guides. In addition, the cheap MUT 22 Coins will become a hot-selling product on GAMEMS. As mentioned above, MUT 22 Coins can enhance your advantage and become the final winner in the game.

  • Madden 22: How To Change Camera Angles?

    Madden 22: How To Change Camera Angles?

    Aug 18, 2021

    Madden 22 will be officially released on August 20, but early access is now available, so this also means that some gamers can already enjoy the game. Madden 22 brings a series of features and mechanics that only improve the quality of life of your favorite football mode game, some of which you want to know about. Now GAMEMS will introduce ways to change the camera angles in Madden 22 in detail.

    How to change camera angles?

    Like Madden 21, changing the camera angles in Madden 22 is very simple, whether you change the look drastically or just make a quick tweak.

    First of all, you can use the D-Pad on PlayStation and Xbox to change the distance of the camera from the action. Pressing up will move the camera closer to the action, while pressing down will move the camera further away, giving you a larger FOV to see what's going on.

    With every press of each button, the effect will be amplified, so you can change it slowly and find the distance that suits you best.

    But if you want to completely change the camera angles in Madden 22, only adjust the zoom level is not enough, you also need to go to the settings menu, and then select the Cameras tab. Here, you can choose various aspects of the play from a variety of different perspectives. You can change your view of offensive and defensive plays. Where the camera is positioned during passes and other tweaks, you can try them and see how the game looks like with them.

    In the game, there is no best camera angle, only the best for you. It all depends on what you like the most. It can help you play at your best.

    When Madden 22 is officially released, GAMEMS will provide more game guides, including gameplay strategies and more detailed information about players, so that you can get more tips based on the gameplay you are good at.

    And cheap MUT 22 Coins will be available on GAMEMS, because in Madden 22, you will see more content and more new player cards, so it is necessary to invest in some potential players now. Because it will bring you huge benefits later. If you do not have enough Coins now, it is a far-sighted choice to come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins.

  • Madden 22: How To Throw The Ball Away?

    Madden 22: How To Throw The Ball Away?

    Aug 16, 2021

    Madden 22 will be released on August 20, which means that fans will be able to enjoy the game in a few days. Before the game is released, it is also beneficial for you to know about some relevant game mechanics. In a team, the quarterback can be said to be the soul, so as a quarterback, knowing how to throw the ball is very important.

    Quarterbacks who don't have enough time to complete the pass will usually try to throw the ball to the sidelines to avoid a sack and losing yards.

    How to throw the ball away?

    In Madden 22, you need to use the right stick on the Xbox controller or the right analog stick on the PS controller. To throw the ball, you can press the right stick or the right analog stick, which will activate the animation to throw the football out of bounds.

    This is a good safety measure in case the play fails, whether it is because you can't find an open receiver or because the team is under too much pressure. However, in some cases, you can't throw the football away because of intentional grounding.

    When the quarterback throws the ball out of bounds while the QB is under pressure, is in the pocket, and there are no receivers in the vicinity of the ball, intentional grounding is a penalty. The pocket is usually defined as the space on the field from left to right tackle.

    If you have to throw the ball due to the pressure of the opposing defense, you need to make sure that you can get it out of the pocket. Otherwise, you will be penalized. To avoid it, try to scramble with QB with RT/R2 and the left stick, and stay away from any pressure until you are away from the left or right tackle. Then, throw the ball away as quickly as possible.

    As the release date of Madden 22 approaches, GAMEMS will also provide more relevant news, including the introduction of new content to game guides, so if you are a gamer of Madden 22, don't miss GAMEMS.

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  • Madden 22: New Franchise Mode Features Move The Chains And More

    Madden 22: New Franchise Mode Features Move The Chains And More

    Aug 13, 2021

    Now, the 10-hour EA Play trial of Madden 22 has come out. So we have a chance to see what the game looks like in closed beta. So GAMEMS also wants to analyze the relevant content, so that gamers who have not participated in the early access can know more about it.

    New Franchise mode features move the chains

    After the release of Madden 21, fans have set off a #FixMaddenFranchise movement, which has attracted the attention of EA, and EA promised to build Franchise Mode to new heights in the next few years. This promise seems to be fulfilled in Madden 22.

    The Franchise mode in Madden 22 provides some new features for the current-gen gamers, including Staff Management, the introduction of coordinators with skill trees, improved weekly strategy input, game plans, and more.

    In particular, Staff Management is moving in the right direction and adds a new layer for your team to become a champion. Although the face scan of the coach still needs to be updated in the future, it is a great upgrade for now.

    MUT 22 seems more complete

    Madden Ultimate Team is sometimes difficult to track with complicated menus and program structures, but Madden 22 solves these problems well.

    The menu layout is more novice-friendly and allows players to keep up with the goal without digging. In addition, the introduction process will also show the players some important details, which is helpful.

    The brand-new card art has also become the highlight of MUT 22.

    Next-gen features are not good enough

    Madden 22 is a completely different next-gen game that provides many new features designed for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. This includes the Dynamic Gameday features that provide different home stadium advantages and new Momentum mechanics.

    These features are not available to current-gen players, so this is controversial. Many gamers think that the core gameplay of the game seems to lack these additional improvements.


    Madden 22 has made some progress in each game mode. Although there are some more exciting talents hidden behind the new generation of technology, it is indeed worth trying the $5 EA Play trial.

    This also makes us look forward to the official release of Madden 22. Once Madden 22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins. As a legit game service website, GAMEMS has been providing gamers with the game currency they need. MUT 21 Coins is a popular product of GAMEMS. I bet that many gamers will come to GAMEMS for cheap MUT 22 Coins shortly.

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