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  • NBA 2K22: Visual Concepts Insists It Didn't Ignore The Older Platforms

    NBA 2K22: Visual Concepts Insists It Didn't Ignore The Older Platforms

    Jul 23, 2021

    The producers of NBA 2K22 have already given a top-level overview of the game. Fans may expect that most of the new content this year will be limited to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. Based on this, PS4 and Xbox One players are annoyed. They Think 2K seems to ignore them.

    But the developers said that they neither ignored the next-gen users, nor did they ignore the current-gen users. They gave 110% to both. The visual concept does its best to provide this year’s major game upgrades. NBA 2K22 gives players more opportunities to control the balls on both sides, making the actions of the court more dependent on user skill than animation systems or dice rolls. GAMEMS lists more NBA 2K22 related details.

    Blocking system

    In addition, NBA 2K22 completely changed the blocking system and steals, body-up system, and shot contest system. The visual concept also completely reformed the fatigue system of NBA 2K22, encouraging gamers to make full use of their bench instead of just letting the starters continuously play for 48 minutes. However, the extent to which these changes will apply to the previous version of the game is unclear.

    The City

    The City is an expansion of the game’s online hub from The Neighborhood. The City first appeared in the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of NBA 2K21, when it seemed to be immature. But this time, The City will be full of non-player characters and a quest system, making it feel that it is full of vitality, activity, and interactivity.

    The City will be the home of NBA 2K22 MyCareer mode. Your MyPlayer character will live there, starting from a modest apartment, and hopefully will eventually end up in a penthouse suite. Visual Concept heard feedback from some players who hope to get in and out of the city quickly and make some progress in their MyCareer.

    The Neighborhood

    This year, the Neighborhood will be set on a cruise ship to distant destinations such as Iceland and Egypt. In the limited-time events of the season, the boat will land on an island and allow players to participate in activities at the seashore.

    All of these will be closely linked with MyTeam through the NBA 2K22 season. Vision Concept plans to launch a new season every 6 weeks, providing MyTeam features, content and rewards for free.

    NBA 2K22 will be released on PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Switch on September 10. Because NBA 2K21 can be said to be a successful project, among which The City has been praised, so NBA 2K22 seems to have received higher expectations.

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