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  • Diablo 2: Resurrected 2.4 patch now updated

    Diablo 2: Resurrected 2.4 patch now updated

    Apr 16, 2022

    Blizzard finally released a major update with the Diablo 2: Resurrected 2.4 patch on April 15th.

    As the pearl of ARPG history, this major update has made a series of preparations for the opening of Diablo 2: Resurrected's first Ladder competitive season. The new Ladder season will start at 5:00 pm Pacific Time on April 28, 2022, and players can freely choose the Ladder mode to participate in the competition.

    The new Ladder season is the same as Diablo 2: Legacy, providing players with four versions to choose from Classic Ladder, Hardcore Classic Ladder, Expansion Ladder, and Hardcore Expansion Ladder. We can participate competitions to gain experience and rewards. After the season, the leaderboard will be reset, the Ladder character will automatically become a non-Ladder character, and the Ladder-exclusive Rune Words and Ladder-exclusive equipment obtained from the season can continue to be used.

    Most notably, Diablo 2: Resurrected also made huge changes to the balance of hero classes. This is the first update since the character balance changes made on March 23, 2010. Ten years later, Blizzard has rebuilt all 7 types of character classes skills in the game, and retained occupational fantasies and specialties. For details of various career changes, please refer to the official announcement.

    The content of this update and optimization can be said to be subversive. In addition to the above, Diablo 2: Resurrected also focuses on solving the game code calculation error that has plagued players for a long time, which results in excessive damage and inaccurate mana cost of certain monsters. In addition, the game added new Horadric Cube Recipes and item rewards; fixed bugs in gameplay and class controllers and attacks; improved how and where Uber Diablo calculates progress, and more.

    I believe that as a loyal player of Diablo 2: Resurrected, you have downloaded the 2.4 patch and experienced a more complete game. What we need to do next is to wait for the launch of the new Ladder season in two weeks. If you're preparing for the upcoming season, GAMEMS can help. GAMEMS has been committed to providing players with Diablo 2: Resurrected Items and other products for a long time. If you need it, you can contact us directly, and we are always online.

  • World of Warcraft Classic update adds an awful slogan before a timetable

    World of Warcraft Classic update adds an awful slogan before a timetable

    Oct 08, 2019

    For the fans of World of Warcraft, the most important news is usually that the Dire Maul dungeon is going to be added to the sport on October 15. Previously, World of Warcraft ought to have been included with World of Warcraft inside the Phase 2 content phase in the game (currently still within the set state). It is going to be released later in 2010, but Blizzard appears to have decided to move its release as much as injecting newer and more effective content if you're going through the retro experience.

    For individuals who don't know, Dire Maul is often a carefully crafted World of Warcraft dungeon that's divided into wings (like the structure from the classic Scarlett Abbey type of World of Warcraft). The best thing to consider is its world gain, elaborate running skills (allowing players to subtly skip large areas by utilizing some mechanisms) along with the stunning PvP area, allowing members with the same faction to address and gain some rarity equipment. It is also you will find some of the better loot rolling around in its range.

    The rest from the second phase it is released later this season, however, it does set an appealing precedent to the distribution of WoW Classic content. Previously, Blizzard has also been committed to maintaining the discharge structure in the game's original content when it comes to updates. However, it would appear that they are at the very least willing to change this format.

    In other news from World of Warcraft, Blizzard announced that they're preparing a large-scale new content update with the Battle of Azeroth, called Visions of N'Zoth, the place where a new raid is going to be launched, adding two The new playable race, overhauled the group of auction houses, and much more. If you want to know everything within the retail version from the game, we highly recommend that you evaluate the full video class of its content updates.

    Becoming a Warcraft fan is an exciting time. If you want to know more about Warcraft Classics in time, please remember to pay attention to our website GameMS, which will share the latest information of the world's most popular games, and also provide the best value for money game service and the best deals. Game gold / coins, including the most popular WoW Classic Gold, allow players to enjoy the game.

  • After the funnel in World of Warcraft, the blizzard clears its utilization policy

    After the funnel in World of Warcraft, the blizzard clears its utilization policy

    Sep 19, 2019

    After something of letting the endless dungeons in "World of Warcraft: Classics" be utilized by players, Blizzard intentions to punish people who use the problem. Due to player feedback, Blizzard even was required to clarify this in the new post in the World of Warcraft forum.

    When the bug is fully utilized, most game companies begin using these businesses for gaming systems. However, at this point, many players start to defend the exploiters, claiming that in what is in the strategy is not their fault, or how the wrong punishment isn't consistent with the punishment at that time. It involves exploits.

    Blizzard has clarified its policies and explained why the punishment is vastly different, based on the cause of the attack. The way the team blogs about the situation relies on the player's intentions, which sounds reasonable.

    The reason why the player is attracted by Blizzard's loophole is that it wants to be more powerful in World of Warcraft. In fact, when we have enough WoW Classic Gold, we naturally become powerful in the game!

    The main factor here is the intention. Do you do something which has a specific intent that creates the failure to take place, and do they utilize the failure to accomplish it for their benefit?

    This recent failure is certainly a clean example. Players who abuse it must take a step very weird to achieve it, after which do it again and again. An irrational person would expect this behavior to become intentional, and also the participants involved needs to do their best to accomplish this. This is unconscious, that's a glitch, as well as the person who abuses it is obviously with all the fault described due to its benefit. This is very open and closed.

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