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  • Madden 23: The 99 Club players leaked

    Madden 23: The 99 Club players leaked

    Jun 01, 2022

    The release of Madden 23 is already on the agenda, and for the long-awaited players, any news about it is worth watching. Just a few days ago, Madden 23 leaked the high-profile 99 Club players.

    Club 99 is a tradition in Madden Ratings history, and it is also the most prestigious club. It brings together players with an Overall Rating (OVR) of 99, which means it's home to some of the best players and superstars in the NHL who can take over and control situations on the court at any time.

    The 99 Club players of Madden 23 mentioned this time include:

    Patrick Mahomes

    Davante Adams

    Cooper Kupp

    Aaron Donald

    Myles Garrett

    TJ Watt

    Compared to Madden 22's 99 Club situations in the first half of last year, many people questioned Patrick Mahomes in this leaked list because he has not performed well this season. But in fact, EA selects 99 Club members based on the players' overall performance and future development potential.

    At the same time, EA told us last year that TJ Watt, who was rated 96 at the time, was on his way. This year he finally became a member of the 99 Club by taking the lead from last season.

    We look forward to more surprises from Madden 23, GAMEMS will continue to bring you more new news, and at the same time, you can also buy Madden 22 Coins here to have more fun in the current Madden 22.

  • Madden 22: 99 Club Introduce A New Player - Myles Garrett

    Madden 22: 99 Club Introduce A New Player - Myles Garrett

    Dec 20, 2021

    The Cleveland Browns have a long history in the NFL, but not all glorious history, because there seems to be nothing worthy of celebration by Cleveland fans. Although ranked second in the AFC this season, the performance of this team is like being on the verge of a late-season collapse.

    However, the latest news will cheer up fans. GAMEMS has known about Madden 22’s latest player rating update, reflecting Week 14, Myles Garrett has officially become a member of the 99 Club in Madden 22.

    The 25-year-old defensive end is the first Browns player ever to get a perfect rating in Madden. Since being drafted with the 1st overall pick in 2017, he has been one of the most consistent pass rushers in the league. Since then, he has posted double-digit sacks in 4 of 5 seasons in the league. This performance is commendable.

    This year, Garrett has won 15 sacks, which is the most time in his career, only one sack behind T.JWatt. This is impressive, and he is still looking for other ways to stand out among others, including scoring the first TD of his career in Week 14.

    Garrett's OVR in Madden 22 has now been improved to 99. His hit power rose from 81 to 84, and his block shedding rose from 89 to 90. In addition to Garrett, you can also pay attention to the following players, they are also worth your Madden 22 Coins:

    Vikings RB - Dalvin Cook (96)

    Seahawks RB - Rashaad Penny (73)

    GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the player ratings and select some potential players, which is helpful for players to build a perfect team while saving MUT 22 Coins as much as possible.

  • Madden 22: Patrick Mahomes's Week 10 Performance Is Worthy Of The 99 Club

    Madden 22: Patrick Mahomes's Week 10 Performance Is Worthy Of The 99 Club

    Nov 16, 2021

    The next Madden 22 roster will be released this week. Since Mahomes dropped out of the 99 Club list, everyone is looking forward to his return to his original position. As expected, Patrick Mahomes performed well this week. GAMEMS will give evidence that he is worthy of rejoining the 99 Club.

    A new 94 OVR card in MUT 22 immediately makes Patrick Mahomes one of the best quarterbacks of all, because it is only for Dan Marino, the Team Diamond Master with 95 OVR.

    After being kicked out of the 99 Club a few weeks ago, Patrick Mahomes found himself as an outsider when it comes to that prestigious group. There are only 4 players still in the 99 Club. They have been in this position since the release of Madden 22, which is admirable, so it is worth it to spend more Madden 22 Coins for them.

    Even Tom Brady and Justin Tucker only stayed for a week after their record-breaking week, and then they were kicked out of the club one week later.

    Now Patrick is the first and only player to lose his status as a member of the 99 Club after the release of Madden 22, but fans are confident that he will return to the Club.

    Despite several bleak weeks, he used 406 passing yards and 5 touchdowns to let Las Vegas Raiders win. He once again proved that he is good enough.

    In Week 10, his performance was satisfactory, and Mahomes did what he needed to do to get back some of the deductions he lost. He has the highest completion rate since Week 4, with the most yards throughout the season, the most completions in a game this season, the most TDs in a game this season, 0 interceptions, and was never sacked.

    So Madden 22's Week 10 roster update should clearly show the impact of Patrick's rating. Fans are waiting for him to return to his position and firmly believe that it will happen sooner or later.

    Now the game is still in full swing, and everyone is looking forward to the next situation. GAMEMS will also try our best to fulfill our duties and broadcast the latest game progress in time. In addition, we will also provide in-game resources, sufficient MUT 22 Coins are also guaranteed, so you can come to GAMEMS to buy the number of Coins you need at any time.

  • Madden 22: Patrick Mahomes Is Out Of 99 Club

    Madden 22: Patrick Mahomes Is Out Of 99 Club

    Nov 10, 2021

    Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared the cover of Madden 22 with Buccaneers opponent, Tom Brady. Now both of them are the quarterbacks with the highest rating in the game, which is 98.

    For Mahomes, this is not good news, because it means that he is no longer a member of the 99 Club. He was a member of the 99 Club last season, and this season also started from there.

    But after a difficult start to the season, Mahomes' rating dropped by one point. He also lost a point in the "Awareness Rating" in the game.

    Only 4 players now have 99 ratings, and they include:

    * Travis Kelce - Chiefs Tight End

    * Aaron Donald - Rams Defensive Tackle

    * Davante Adams - Packers Receiver

    * Jalen Ramsey - Rams Cornerback

    The Kansas Chiefs had a disappointing start to the season, and Mahomes was also blamed. When the former Super Bowl champion and NFL MVP are out, another quarterback and several other NFL stars seem to have a chance to join the 99 Club.

    Although Tom Brady is also 98 OVR, because it is good news for him because he shot the 600th career touchdown pass, which other NFL quarterbacks can not do. If he continues to lead the Bucks in the Super Bowl, he may join the 99 Club again. So if you are a Madden 22 player, you can always trust Tom Brady, and investing a lot of Madden 22 Coins to get his player card is worth it.

    Therefore, the charm of sports competitions lies in this. It is always full of variables and unexpected. Only this can attract more fans' attention. In addition to the player cards in Madden 22, fans are also very interested in the roster, which is updated weekly.

    GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the latest trends in the NFL schedule and will also update the changes in Madden 22 in time, so if you are far-sighted enough, you can now use MUT 22 Coins to invest in some potential players. Once their ratings are improved, this is a good thing for you.

  • Madden 22: Derrick Henry Deserves To Become A Member Of 99 Club

    Madden 22: Derrick Henry Deserves To Become A Member Of 99 Club

    Oct 21, 2021

    Although the player ratings in Madden 22 vary, Derrick Henry is still one of the highest-rated players in the game, as expected.

    Derrick Henry may join 99 Club

    Derrick Henry came with 96 OVR, which is lower than another running back - Christian McCaffrey with 97 OVR. But Derrick is constantly using his strength to prove that he is the best.

    After a few weeks of exciting performances, it may be time for Derrick to join the 99 Club. They have already teased that he will get some rating upgrades in Madden 22's next roster update, and a 2 points increase will achieve this.

    Madden 22’s ratings will fluctuate throughout the year, as EA’s weekly roster updates will increase or decrease ratings. So this may cause some players' ratings to decline, but for Henry, this means continued success because his ratings have improved since the release.

    * Launch Rating - 96 OVR

    * Week 5 Rating - 97 OVR

    You can click here to view each of his stat.

    All Derrick Henry MUT 22 Cards

    There is no doubt that Derrick Henry is one of the best running backs in MUT 22. GAMEMS listed all his cards in Madden 22, you can choose the right one according to your actual situation.

    Most Feared Derrick Henry - 92 OVR

    This is not a cheap option, you may need to spend around 250k Madden 22 Coins, but it is worth it. With a 90+ rating in Trucking, Stiff Arm, Break Tackle, and Carrying, this is excellent, and it can bring great achievements to your team.

    Core Elite Derrick Henry - 88 OVR

    The current price of this card is about the same as Most Feared, which means it's better to wait and get stronger options.

    Superstar KO Derrick Henry - 87 OVR

    This is the most unlikely card to be found because it is an exclusive reward for the superstar KO and therefore cannot be auctioned.

    M22 Reward Derrick Henry - 83 OVR

    Although there is not a high OVR, with an 80+ rating in Trucking, Carrying, and Stiff Arm, he is still beneficial to you.

    TOTW Derrick Henry - 80 OVR

    With Team of the Week 2, Derrick Henry dropped 182 rushing yards, 55 receiving yards, and 3 quick touchdowns in the Seahawks. The price of this card is very low, only 7.5k MUT 22 Coins.

    Power Up Derrick Henry - 76 OVR

    This 76 OVR is deceptive because you can power it up. By using Training and items, you can make him a good running back choice for your Ultimate Team.

    If you need Coins at any time, please come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins immediately, because this can help you quickly solve the problems you are facing. No matter when you come to GAMEMS to buy, you can receive the Coins you purchased in a short time, because our staff is 24/7 online to provide services for you.

  • Madden 22: Tom Brady Has Set A New Record For Most Career Passing Yards and Gets 99 OVR

    Madden 22: Tom Brady Has Set A New Record For Most Career Passing Yards and Gets 99 OVR

    Oct 08, 2021

    Now in Madden 22, Tom Brady's rating has been improved, and is now in the 99 OVR queue because he set a new NFL passing record over the weekend. This is enough to reflect his excellent achievements in real life.

    This is the first time Brady has won 99 OVR in Madden since Madden 19. Brady's mid-throw accuracy (98) and deep throw accuracy (99) have also been improved accordingly. Brady's OVR rose to 99 just to celebrate the NFL's new record, so his rating seems to return to 97 in the future. Last week EA also arranged 99 Club entries for Justin Tucker.

    On Sunday, Brady overtook Drew Brees to set a new career record for passing yards (80,560 yards). His Buccaneers defeated the Patriots 19-17 in New England. Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers followed close behind with 61,381 passing yards.

    Brady's Buccaneers won the Super Bowl LV championship, so this year many fans speculated that he is likely to win the Super Bowl championship again.

    As the season unfolds, player ratings will always change, so GAMEMS will follow the latest trends, so now if you can invest in some potential players, once their ratings get higher in the later stages, this will help you save a lot of Madden 22 Coins.

    GAMEMS not only provides some of the latest Madden 22-related news and useful game guides, but also provides the Madden 22 Coins that gamers most need, and we will launch discounts or release coupons from time to time, so it will be a good deal to come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins. You can buy as many Coins as possible with the least amount of money. And GAMEMS guarantees that all MUT 22 Coins for sale are made by real people and are completely legit, so when you come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins, you don't have to worry about the risk of being banned.

  • Madden 22: 3 Players Who Have Chances To Join The 99 Club

    Madden 22: 3 Players Who Have Chances To Join The 99 Club

    Aug 02, 2021

    Madden 22's ratings have declined in the past week, especially since the top 10 at every position is announced every day. Of course, this has also triggered a lot of controversy about players getting ratings. However, few gamers question the numbers of the 99 Club because they are good enough.

    Considering that the initial members of the 99 Club were:

    * Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes 

    * Packers WR Davante Adams 

    * Chiefs TE Travis Kelce 

    * Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald 

    * Rams CB Jalen Ramsey

    it is understandable that the gamers have no objection to this.

    Now more players will wonder who else has the opportunity to join the 99 Club in Madden 22. Three players are in a prime position to boost their ratings throughout the 2021 season and join the 99 Club before the end of the game.

    Jaire Alexander, CB - Current rating: 95

    Ramsey’s Cornerback is already a member of 99 Club in Madden 22. His closest competitor in this position is Stephen Gilmore with an overall rating of 97. But the Patriots standouts did not join Ramsey in the illustrious group, Packers Corner Jaire Alexander has a better chance.

    In the past two seasons, Alexander has been a threat to Green Bay. Since 2019, he has become one of the best coverage corners in the league with 30 pass defenses. With his skills and important role in the defense of the Packers, the increase in the interceptions should be enough to get a higher rating.

    Derrick Henry, RB - Current rating:96

    Tennessee's running back is not a pass-catcher, so he doesn't have the kind of strength that Christian McCaffrey and others have the boots from the game. In 2019, he rushing for 1,540 yards and 16 TDs, and in 2020, he rushing for 2,027 yards and 17 TDs. If he can create such results again, then 99 OVR will be possible.

    Myles Garrett, EDGE - Current rating: 98

    Of all the NFL players who may join the 99 Club this season, Myles is the most likely. Not only has he almost reached his player rating, but he is also a player that is still on the rise, so he is dominant at the beginning of his career. Garrett has a chance to come up with some otherworldly numbers, in doing so, he will be able to win a higher rating in Madden 22.

    So if you want to get more potential players on the basis of saving MUT 22 Coins, then you can give priority to these three 99 Club candidates. As for how to get more Madden 22 Coins as soon as possible, you can come to GAMEMS to check.

    GAMEMS is a legit provider of Madden 22 Coins, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of being banned when you buy MUT 22 Coins here. And, GAMEMS will randomly select 10 subscribers every month and give them a 10% off coupon, so if you are a fan of Madden 22, don't miss GAMEMS.

  • Madden 21: 6 Players Get Maximum Overall Ratings

    Madden 21: 6 Players Get Maximum Overall Ratings

    May 06, 2021

    As for Madden, which is released every year, fans are very interested in players who get 99 OVR. Since Madden 2001, there have been only 99 overall ratings in games released each year. But there are very few players who can get this rating. This list only contains players who are undisputed in the NFL. Based on real performance, the following are the players who have achieved the highest OVR in Madden 21.

    Players’ Madden ratings will get change with the corresponding NFL season. In the recent release, only 4 players received the highest overall rating. In February of this year, Buccaneers defeated the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, and finally, there were 6 members of the 99 Club.

    Aaron Donald - Los Angeles Rams

    It is already one of the best pass rushers in football. He has the Blitz X-Factor ability, which can completely erase the resistance bar on the court blockers, and when activated, it can destroy the opponent's offensive line with one hand.

    Travis Kelce - Kansas City Chiefs

    He is a 6-time pro bowler and a multiple record holder at the tight end position. His size and excellent catch ratings make him a safe and reliable choice in any pass play, and he also has the Double Me X-Factor ability.

    DeAndre Hopkins - Arizona Cardinals

    He was a rookie in the first-round pick of 2013 and served as a professional bowler five times. As a WR, he has a very high level of physical and strength, which makes him win the most controversial ball even if his Double Me X-Factor ability is not activated.

    Davante Adams - The Green Bay Packers

    He is one of the WRs in the 99 Club.

    Aaron Rodgers - The Green Bay Packers

    When his X-Factor ability is activated, he will always be an aerial threat to ensure an aggressive catch against single coverage.

    Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

    His X-Factor ability is Bazooka, and when activated, his maximum passing distance increases by 15 yards, allowing him to find the endzone from almost anywhere on the court.

    Now Madden 21 has reached the final stage, they are already the best players in the game, but as Madden 22 approaches, this list seems to change, we can only wait and see.

    Madden 21 is still in progress. If you need MUT 21 Coins, you can come to GAMEMS to buy them at any time. Once Madden 22 is released, GAMEMS will also start to sell Madden 22 Coins as soon as possible.

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