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Star Wars: The Old Republic has set off a storm today

EA and Respawn are preparing to release a single-player story as a franchise, while DICE will continue to prepare for the first-person shooter, while Star Wars online games are full of excitement. But no matter how excited, you can forget to have a powerful Star Wars MMORPG. Star Wars: The Old Republic is still going on, and more importantly, his form of Menggong has been newly developed.

The seemingly endless war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire is continuing to the storm. The two sides now bring the conflict to Corellia (the hometown of the future Hansolo), which is a vital resource paradise that can move the tide of war in either direction. For Sith players, they can overthrow the new Republic shipyard and get the cost of the empire. For the Jedi, it is time to gather reinforcements to fight the Sith attack.

SW: TOR players can explore two new worlds in Storm. As the world alliances of all the republics become increasingly close, Andron is full of wild jungles and dangerous creatures. Mecca is undoubtedly an asteroid world. He used to be in charge of Hutt and is now fighting for it. Mek-Sha may be a paradise for scum and villains but is currently involved in the Galaxy War between your Republic and Sith. In addition to these two new worlds, players can find new Flashpoint tasks on Corellia, find new operations on Dxun, and a host of new devices.

Star Wars: This ancient republic has been around for many years, so catching up with many stories can be daunting. Fortunately, the release of Onslaught shows that EA and BioWare Austin have opened Hutt Cartel and Revan's Shadow extension to free users for everyone if anyone wants to play many of the post content in the game.

In the game, if you have enough SWTOR Credits, it will give you more results with less effort. Fortunately, you can get it on the GameMS website. GameMS will provide players with 24/7 online service to help players get the best SWTOR Credits as fast as possible!

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