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Some Madden 22 Rumors Have Been Spreading

Mar 10, 2021

Madden 21 is still in progress, but now the rumors of Madden 22 have been heated up, but this does not seem to be a good sign. And fans are also very curious about who will be the cover star of Madden 22, but all this is in progress. There are rumors that Derrick Henry will be the cover star of Madden 22, and if it is true, he will be a star that is highly anticipated.

Some people think that the Madden series should learn from the WWE 2K series this year. Considering people's negative comments on the latest iteration of these two games, Madden may need time to reconsider. Developers should evaluate what is feasible and what is ineffective and should consider adding some popular features to this game.

In the past few years, one of the biggest complaints has been that every new release of Madden has just updated the roster. This is not to say that the past few games are nothing new. Madden Ultimate Team is a relatively new feature of the series, but even this mode has rarely changed or adjusted since its first appearance. Therefore, each game feels similar to the previous game, but lacks some brand new content.

But the second edition of Face of the Franchise and Ultimate Team cannot keep the game fresh. For Madden 22 to make real changes, it is necessary to make huge adjustments to Franchise mode. EA seems to have hinted that they understand this and promise to continue to improve, so it is necessary to add some major changes and add new content in Madden 22.

We don't know the specific news of Madden 22 yet, so we can only focus on Madden 21. If you are a fan of Madden, you can subscribe to GAMEMS. We will pay attention to future news and update related news and game guides frequently.

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