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Should We Worried About Madden 22 Base On The Solo Battles In Madden 21?

Madden 21 can be said to be a football video game with many fans, but gamers have encountered various problems in this mode throughout the year, so if it continues, gamers have reason to worry about Madden 22.

A problem in this year's MUT mode may make the wider place of game mode cause for concern. Ultimate Team is popular because it provides a viable path for gamers who don't want to spend money to buy packs, which means that gamers can form a team without spending money. The best way to provide gamers with big rewards in the game is Solo Battles.

If you can reach the "Legend" score within a week, you will get 44,500 Coins, 60 trophies, and 2 hail mary packs. If you use quicksells, you will also get an additional 70,000 Coins. In this way everything is great, but the problem is that in Madden 21, Solo Battles have been plagued by problems.

From being restricted at the beginning of the year to always disconnecting, wrong rewards, and even days going missing from the challenge. The end result is that gamers who don't spend money are falling behind in MUT faster than ever before. Gamers begin to guess that this does not seem to be a game bug, but the developer deliberately did it. So gamers are more worried about whether this trend only exists in Madden 21, or this phenomenon will become more serious in Madden 22.

So we don't know whether Madden 22 will remove this item directly. If they do, which means that the Solo Battles will disappear.

And this is bad, because some gamers in the MUT community don't like endless money plays and meta cheese of H2H seasons and weekend league. They only rely on Solo Battles to afford the latest player cards or the next themed team upgrade. If there are no more Solo Battles in the community, then this will take away a key part of the MUT economy.

If gamers who pay for the packs do not have the object to sell the cards, the market may collapse and the fun of the game will decrease. This will lead to the loss of many gamers, so EA seems to be facing a huge choice.

If free-play gamers compromise with it and have to use MUT 21 Coins to buy packs, then at least look for a website that sells cheap MUT 21 Coins. At that time, GAMEMS will be the most suitable choice.

Because GAMEMS old customers know that the MUT 21 Coins on GAMEMS are not only cheap, but we also often launch discount events. If you can seize the opportunity, you will be able to buy the most cost-effective Madden 21 Coins with the least amount of money.

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