POE Blight League Challenges Will End On December 9
POE Blight League Challenges Will End On December 9

December has already begun, which means POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas is coming. Prior to that, the official Twitter of POE has announced that the Blight Challenge League on PC will end on December 9 at 1 PM PST.

In the past months, you must be struggling to complete the league challenges of Blight, and more importantly, most of you have completed all the challenges by now and have difficulties finding something new in Blight. There are only a few days left to complete the challenges, so now it is the perfect time to make a review for Path of Exile Blight.

Long before the POE Blight release, Grinding Gear Games had acknowledged that it would add many new POE Items to the league, such as archetypes, gems, divination cards and more, which is also a common change among other expansions.

POE Blight told the story of a group of fungal growth, who threatened the creatures on the continent of Wraeclast, introducing a brand new tower-defense mechanism, as well as an NPC called Sister Cassia. With their help, the exiles could kill the monsters and suppress the growth of fungi to protect the human.

One of the major changes in POE 3.8 Blight is the Necromancer Ascendancy Tree, which brought updates and new skill gems to support minion builds the builder. All in all, this is a buff and a much-appreciated change for it among a total of 16 aspects, specifically in physical damage, attack speed, and elemental resistance effect.

When Blight spreading at an unstoppable speed, you have to build pumps to stop them, this is the main task in the whole league challenge. Now it’s time to say goodbye to them and pitch into another series of challenges in POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas.

As for the upcoming expansion POE 3.9, we didn't know much about it. Everything including gameplay will be announced in the next few days, and we don't seem to have anything to do except waiting. As soon as we get any news, they will be shared with you on GameMS.

Back to the topic of POE Blight review, it is necessary to remind everyone, don’t forget to sort out the game records about Blight before it comes to an end.

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