Path of Exile Mobile: ExileCon 2019 is the biggest surprise
Path of Exile Mobile: ExileCon 2019 is the biggest surprise

As we all know, the path of exile has always been loved by players, not only because it is a completely free game, but more importantly, it's game content is creative and novel, the storyline is fascinating, and the game service can be continuously updated with the pace of the times. That's why this game can attract different players.

When the mobile user interface first appeared in a video at the Aotea Center in Auckland, New Zealand, we players were all surprised. How did the Path of Exile experience translate into mobile devices?

The Path of Exile may be one of the few games that provide a great mobile experience. It is game loop is not as overly complicated as EVE Online, and the mechanism itself is carefully designed for the mobile experience.

The visual effect seems to be worse than the PC version. The texture does appear on the small screen of the phone (my playback is on the iPhone 11), providing the world with the required fine details on the smaller screen. Initially, you could choose between a predator, a witch, or a ranger, and like the Path of Exile 2 demo in the showroom, I decided to check with the predator how it felt when moving.

Use three sizable buttons to map your skills to the right side of the screen-your main skills are centered and slightly larger than the other two skills to make it easier to use. On the move, Mobile feels like any other Runaway game-you browse the map, destroy enemies along the way, and grab the loot that the enemy drops in the process. Rinse and repeat. And Mobile feels like a proper Path experience. If I put the path of exile on my phone, I can imagine myself sitting on the bed playing exile before going to bed.

Although the release date of Mobile has not been announced players are all looking forward to the arrival of the Mobile version, which will be very interesting. Honestly, when Grinding Gear Games released another test, I couldn't wait to try again, and I wanted to feel what would change in the actual release.

GameMS will also launch corresponding services for the mobile version of the path of exile, including the mobile version of the game guide and trading items such as POE Currency. We will present the latest look with the most complete service and fastest speed. GameMS will also occasionally launch special offers to users to reward the support and love of new and old customers. Players are also asked to stay tuned to our website.

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