Path of Exile 3.9.0 extension coming soon
Path of Exile 3.9.0 extension coming soon

Grinding Gear Games will release the 3.9.0 extension for December at a press conference on ExileCon on the morning of November 16. Although I can't disclose the full details of this version now, the contents of the 3.9.0 extension can be roughly revealed.

Developers have chosen the latest version of the terminology extensions such as Legion and Blight in the Path of Exile and pointed out that the 3.9.0 version of the extension adds new content such as skills and items, and includes a complete challenge alliance, it is worth expecting that it is A good balance between risk and return.

3.9.0 also includes new item rewards that should provide interesting new character-building options and fresh meta-games. We also extend to include all common divination cards, unique items, new skills, etc. that you are used to on the Path of Exile. And the incredible game content also makes the server's flexibility much less.

PC extension 3.9.0 is expected to be released on December 7th, New Zealand time. As always, the PS4 and Xbox One should see the extended version a week later. The developer will announce the final date and other information about the extension on ExileCon. Besides, ExileCon attendees will also play the 3.9.0 demo at the conference.

Our GameMS website will also continue to follow the latest news on the Path of Exile 3.9.0 Extension. I look forward to next month, Here, We will show you what the PoE team is working on!

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