NHL 20 esports tournaments will be hosted by the NHL team
NHL 20 esports tournaments will be hosted by the NHL team

Sports games have not received as much attention in the esports world as other types of games. Despite their huge fan base and dedicated and skilled professional players, sports games often don't make headlines.

Sports games also have other features unmatched by other games-closely related to real-world teams. Several NHL teams will host the NHL 20 esports competition as part of the competition.

As the finals take place in DreamHack in Anaheim, it is no surprise that the Anaheim Ducks will be one of the teams hosting the game. Others include the Kings of Los Angeles, the Kings of Vegas and the Florida Panthers.

Throughout the series, the best competitors will receive a total of $ 50,000 in prizes, bursaries, and scholarships-to facilitate this development, the hockey team is working with NASEF or the North American Scholastic esports Federation.

The focus of the collaboration is on youth, one of which is to bring together sports and e-sports fans of all ages and interact with young audiences who may be less interested in the NHL itself. Such events in the esports world are now not uncommon-in fact, esports scholarships have become quite popular in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

As part of the series, each of these teams will host one of the esports competitions before the 2020 Chel Invitational Finals. Eligible to participate in all high schools and community organizations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as U.S. Overseas Territories. The game will be played on Xbox and PS4, so any platform will work. Of course, the game will use the standard NHL rule set, including penalties and no position fixes.

The competition will take place from Tuesday, February 2 to February 15, between 3.30 pm and 5 pm. This will be a 2 round Bo3 Swiss-style match. The winners of each regional competition will compete against each other in the final on February 22.

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