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New Franchise Scouting Guide of Madden 22

Mar 02, 2022

While much of Madden 22 hasn't changed much since its release, that's not the case with the franchise model.After some delays and anticipation, Scouting has been completely revamped, with more detail and nuance than before.

GAMEMS has some guides for everyone, detailing how things have changed, so you can nail down your draft in Madden 22 Franchise.

Madden 22 Slider: How to Adjust Settings

You can only make most of the settings and slider adjustments on Madden 22's main menu when you exit any particular game mode entirely. Move to the far right and select the gear icon, which will reveal a series of settings and options that you can adjust to get the Madden 22 experience you want. While the default settings are fully functional, and some players may prefer and feel that it creates a more fun gaming experience, others prefer something that feels more down-to-earth. None of these are hard and fast rules, so feel free to adjust them to suit you, these may change after the first few updates if you do in-game, but the settings we've outlined here are a good starting point to start with Get real experience. Most of the other settings in the game options are a matter of personal preference, but at the bottom you should notice the Injury, Fatigue, and Player Speed Parity scales. All three sliders can have some impact, but the default settings are actually a good starting point so you don't need to adjust these. If you want absolute control, set everything to manual and turn off any help you can find in settings when creating a franchise. While most players are better off using the XP slider alone, you can adjust the XP gain rate for each position and it will apply to the entire league. If you don't like the speed at which you get employee points in employee management, your first step should be to adjust the talent cost modifier in the league settings. The following league settings are a good starting point for an authentic franchise experience in Madden 22, using these settings gives you a good starting point in Franchise Mode, but adjust where you feel necessary.Some of these best settings may change a little over the next few months as updates change trends in the game, but this gives you a starting point to try out the NFL with realistic Madden 22 sliders experience.If you want to get more and better gaming experience, you may wish to buy some MUT 22 Coins to enrich your gaming equipment for better gaming experience


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