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NBA 2K23: Whether The Best Sport Game as EA Promised?

Aug 31, 2022

Before the NBA 2K23 released, there are lots of people have already experienced its test version. According to reviews, there are a lot of people indicated that the 2K23 has changed a lot compare to other 2K series in many places, but those changes have controversies as well. So today let us discuss about the latest update and the feedback from the players in test.

Firstly, lot of people said that Post Scoring seems to be kind of overpowered in the test version, but it is just a test version of the game, it is very close to being finished not completely tweaked and polished yet. Certain things could be changed in a test build or a beta build, and then when the game comes out it can be a lot better balance. But we know with a lot of different sports games, if you've played the early builds that are a month or two away from released, they're usually almost much like that when they released for the most part. Meanwhile Post Scoring still been really good in some of these previous 2K as well, so i don't think this part would not change too much.

Then multiple people have said that NBA 2K23 feels a lot more realistic now. Every sports game literally says this every year, people always feels more realistic, but when the game drops, it's not always the case sometimes. Usually after a few updates, the game starts to revert back to its old ways. Ronnie2k said in a recent interview that he is really excited for gameplay 2K23, it feels different of the whole system and it's just smoother on next gen. It seems like they've done a lot of what their customers want, and they're trying to make the evolution towards the best game.

Though people played the 2K23 indicated that it did feel more realistic, but part of that probably is just EA slowing down the game. Many sports games feel great in first month when they don't touch it too much. But couple months later you realize it is not what looks like when you really get the finished product. They have to keep readjusting and then the game stays mostly that way for the remainder of its life, and that's when you truly know what the game is gonna be.

Besides that, more details are waiting to explored on 9th September. If you want to know more, will always fellow the latest news. On the other hand, if you want to buy NBA 2K23 MT, could also be your best choice. You can find more reasonable price than other websites here, we have the amazing delivery speed and every purchase could be completed less 15 min. Do not wait any more, come to buy!


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