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NBA 2K22: What we need to do before Season 7 ends

As we enter the height of summer, in addition to the release of NBA 2K23 getting closer and closer to us, NBA 2K22 Season 7 "Return of Heroes" is also coming to an end. After five weeks of MyTeam Heroes, we are about to meet the new season. At this stage, players need to hurry up and complete the challenges to get as more XP and rewards as possible.

1. Complete The Horace Grant Triple Threat Agenda.

As the last Triple Threat Agenda to appear in Season 7, it might make a good starting point for your next Season 8 journey, as completing it will earn you the Dark Matter Horace Grant and an extra 3000 XP.

The Agenda requires players to complete the following steps:

Win 30 Triple Threat Offline Games to get the Horace Grant Triple Threat Event Card.

Win 15 Triple Threat Online Games to get the Horace Grant Triple Threat Online Event Card.

Earn 3000 XP for 20 rebounds with the Exchange Reward Horace Grant in multiple games.

2. Spend your MyTeam Tokens reasonably.

You can use tokens to earn MyTeam rewards, especially those packs that contain player cards of different tiers. Judging from the rewards that can be redeemed so far. Our recommendation is the Champion Warriors Equal Chance Token Packs, and you'll get Dark Matter Andre Iguodala a powerful card for a small budget.

3. Complete the Domination Tier.

You can't go wrong with getting some free dark matter cards. Get a Dark Matter Tim Hardaway after you finish all the matches in the Domination Tier in a hurry.

Adding powerful cards to your roster before Season 8 arrives is the smartest move, and completing existing challenges and redeeming the availableLocker Code will give youa head start in the new season. Of course, the strengthening of the MyTeam lineup is inseparable from the support of NBA 2K22 MT, if you need it, be sure to visit, we will bring you sufficient inventory and excellent service.

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