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NBA 2K22 Season 6 Zero Gravity officially kicks off April 6

Apr 13, 2022

As Season 6 of Zero Gravity officially begins, NBA 2K22 has released new information about challenges, rewards, weekend challenges, and two locker codes. The new season of NBA 2K22 is underway, and players need to undertake various missions and tasks to earn rewards. Many players started collecting enough NBA 2K22 MT to help build and shape better teams.

New information on Season Spotlight is now available, highlighting specific rewards available upon reaching certain levels, up to level 40. NBA 2K22 MyTeam also has a new weekend challenge for players to take part in, two new locker codes to redeem for substantial rewards, including some NBA 2K22 MT, and more.

NBA 2K22 Season 6 Zero Gravity brings players its first challenge, with a dark matter unit up for grabs. It restricts players to one pink diamond, one diamond, and one amethyst, while the rest of the team must be ruby or lower. There’s also a condition that the players involved must be from the Pacific Division, limiting selection to five specific teams. NBA 2K22 Free Agent and Heat Check cards are unavailable, so players must be extra careful about how they build their roster.

Finally, two new locker codes are now available, redeemable until April 15th.

*Use the code “SEASON-6-MyTEAM-ZERO-GRAVITY” to get a Zero Gravity Pack, a Diamond Shoe Pack or 25 NBA 2K22 MT.

*Use the code “MyTEAM-ZERO-GRAVITY-PACKS-7SE9” to get a Zero Gravity Pack or a Diamond Shoe Pack.

NBA 2K22 releases codes every week, allowing players to collect packs to help shape their MyTeam roster and take on the challenges of each new season. And a better way to take on the challenge is to buy NBA 2K22 MT at GameMS. Hope every player will have a great gaming experience and excellent results in NBA 2K22 Season 6 Zero Gravity.


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