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NBA 2K22: Releases MyTeam Week 3 Limited Event

With the launch of MyTeam Season 6: Zero Gravity, players will be able to earn new Dark Matter units and locker codes as rewards every week as the NBA playoffs unfold and MyTeam integrates. For the third week of MyTeam Limited, NBA 2K22 has already arrived, and NBA 2K22 brings new rules and challenges to enrich MyTeam Season 6.

The first released content of MyTeam Limited week 3 is a Dark Matter Mystery, which players can vote for as a Dark Matter reward. It is worth noting that participating in voting in Week 3 of MyTeam Limited requires players to abide by the following rules:

Voting is limited to Northwest Division players.

Players can use up to 1 Pink Diamond, 1 Diamond, and 1 Amethyst.

The chosen player cannot be higher than Ruby.

Free Agent or Heat Check cards are not allowed.

The rewards of Week 3 of MyTeam Limited are also very generous, including a 97-overall Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant, two boost packs, and tokens. Meanwhile, Week 3 of MyTeam Limited introduces six new Dark Matters for players to collect, which will start with Released as a Limited Edition IV Pack. Players can use the new locker code: LIMITED-EDITION-4-HG6LP and will have the opportunity to earn a Limited Edition IV Pack, Diamond Shoe Pack, or 5 tokens. Especially the Limited Edition IV Pack, which provides players with excellent cards to improve the strength of the lineup. The code is valid until April 29th, please don't miss the redemption time.

Now is the perfect time to join NBA 2K22 and build a strong team, and GAMEMS will keep you updated with the latest NBA 2K22 news. In addition, we will provide you with cheap NBA 2K22 MT to support your progress in Week 3 of MyTeam Limited.

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