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NBA 2K22 Player Ratings: Top Stars For Each Position

Sep 09, 2021

In NBA 2K22, Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic is undoubtedly one of the most highly-rated players. Doncic is the cover star of the base version of NBA 2K22. He received this honor after the start of his epic career, and he was also named one of the best players on the digital courts.

As with usual games, player ratings are a huge hype point before the annual game release, and it is also an aspect that fans pay attention to.

Here are the top players this year:

* LeBron James: 96

* Kevin Durant: 96

* Stephen Curry: 96

* Giannis Antetokounmpo: 96

* Joel Embiid: 95

* Kawhi Leonard: 95

* Nikola Jokic: 95

* Luka Doncic: 94

* James Harden: 94

* Damian Lillard: 94

* Jayson Tatum: 90

2K again adopted a more grounded method to rank players. So far, only 4 players have scored 96 ratings, and Doncic is one of the three players who rated 94 points. Jayson Tatum's 90 was the last player to drop off into the 80s.

But this is not a fixed measurement. Once the season starts, the ratings will change a lot. Some players will go up and some will go down. There is still a controversial point, whether the defending MVP like Nikola Jokic should have the highest rating in the game. Also, whether the four-point gap between Tatum and Damian Lillard is reasonable.

This game also strives to make each gamer more personalized. The stars have their signature moves and overall feel, which makes them unique on the court. This is strongly reflected in this year's most noteworthy gameplay upgrade, the transition of signature dribble moves from pre-canned animation to be controlled by the player.

But all this does not mean eternity, as the season unfolds, their player ratings will change, more specific content can only wait until the official release of NBA 2K22. Once NBA 2K22 is released, you can directly come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT, which you will need throughout the game.

And GAMEMS will hold discount events from time to time, you can pay more attention to get cheap NBA 2K22 MT.


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