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NBA 2K22 Player Ratings: Some Major Changes Are Rolling In Among The Best Players

Nov 19, 2021

NBA 2K22 is ready to release a major roster update, and as the new kings become the highest rated in the game, the ranking is constantly changing. Fortunately, GAMEMS has released all the new NBA 2K22 player ratings for you to review.

NBA 2K22 Roster Update

The latest roster update for NBA 2K22 will have 2 new kings at the top of the pack. After their NBA 2K22 ratings were improved by 1 point, the players with the highest ratings in the game were Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, and they both have 97 OVR.

The following are the currently announced NBA 2K22 rating changes:

* Steph Curry - 97 OVR (+1)-Golden State Warriors

* Kevin Durant - 97 OVR (+1)-Brooklyn Nets

* Ja Morant - 90 OVR (+1)-Memphis Grizzlies

* DeMar DeRozan - 89 OVR (+1)-Chicago Bulls

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