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NBA 2K22: Neighborhood Will Introduce New Features

In the NBA 2K series, Neighborhood will always have many actions. Now that the release date of NBA 2K22 has been determined, it seems that 2K will reveal more relevant information then. In NBA 2K22, some areas have undergone major improvements, one of them is the Neighborhood.

NBA 2K22 is a huge opportunity for 2K, which can expand new features in the next-gen consoles of NBA 2K21. Although the next-gen features have attracted NBA 2Kgamers, most of them are still on the current-gen consoles. With this in mind, fans hope to see some improvements in the NBA 2K22 Neighborhood, including many of its game modes and areas, such as The Park, PRO-AM, The Rec Center, stores, and more.

NBA 2K22 The City

The City in NBA 2K21 next-gen is a huge improvement, taking advantage of the power of the next consoles. With the huge improvement of The Neighborhood, many gamers hope that NBA 2K22 can extend The City to the current-gen consoles. 

This will unite gamers and is very good for current-gen gamers, even with limited access. It is also hopeful that the new MyPLAYER builder of the next-gen NBA 2K21 will arrive at the current-gen NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 The Park

For many years, fans have been advocating the establishment of a matchmaking system in the Park of NBA 2K and NBA 2K22 will be a good opportunity to finally deliver on it. This system can avoid problems when playing games in the Park, including waiting for the court to clear, finding open slots that are not occupied by premade teams, and getting players to agree to come together.


NBA 2K22 MyCAREER has enough room to be a huge and in-depth leap for the series, including brand new cinematics, dialogues and choices.

Neighborhood Events

NBA 2K21 still has frequent events in the Neighborhood to keep it fresh and provide players boost for hard working grinding characters up.

In NBA 2K22, players will see more areas of development and innovation, bringing more unique and exciting events to The Neighborhood this year. From this information, it can be guessed that NBA 2K22 will be a successful project that will attract the attention of many basketball fans. GAMEMS will continue to update the news of NBA 2K22, you can always check them here.

In addition, once NBA 2K22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT. If you want to familiarize yourself with the mechanics at the beginning of the game, you can go to grind NBA 2K22 MT by completing tasks, but in the later stages of the game, enough The NBA 2K22 MT can guarantee you a good gaming experience!

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