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NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Best Centers For Your Lineup

As we all know, in NBA 2K22, a successful team is inseparable from a dominant player. When you build your NBA 2K22 MyTeam, one position that often gets overlooked is the Center position, which is one of the most important positions. It depends on how you run your MyTeam, some players are perfect for the center position. GAMEMS will list some potential players.

Best Centers in MyTeam

Although the build of NBA 2K22 MyTeam is very subjective, player ratings are objective, and players with high ratings perform better. If you are looking for a good shooting center, GAMEMS will give you some options, and we will fully consider the NBA 2K22 MT you currently have and try to save you MT.

Pink Diamond Centers

* 95 OVR Shaquille O’Neal: He is locked in the center position. His A+ Inside Scoring, A+ Post Defense, and A+ Rebounding are all worth 120K MT.

* 95 OVR David Robinson: His averages are B-grade, except for Playmaking category (D+), his 3PT shooting and A+ Post Defense are the reasons why he is worth 100K MT.

* 96 OVR Joel Embiid: He has good rebounding. He is a better shooter than O’Neal. He has B+ to 3PT Scoring and is worth 75K 2K22 MT.

Diamond Centers

* 94 OVR Nikola Jokic: He is locked in the center position, but he provides you with power forward tendencies, A-3PT Shooting, A+ Basketball IQ, and A- in Playmaking. He is worth 20K MT, which is an acceptable price.

* 93 OVR George Mikan: He can play center and power forward. A+ Inside Scoring and A to Mid-Range Scoring, which is good stats. In addition, he performed very well in defense and rebounding because they are both A+. He is worth 15K MT.

* 93 OVR LaMarcus Aldridge: His D+ to playmaking is not satisfactory, but his A to 3PT Shooting makes up for it. The card is cheap, less than 10K MT, which makes him a suitable choice.

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