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NBA 2K22: MyCareer On Next-Gen Will Bring Special Experience

NBA 2K22 is still one month away, and fans are starting to get an understanding of what will happen in this year's game. The most recent news is about MyCareer, this game will have an incredible experience on the Next-gen consoles, thanks to the full integration with The City.

NBA 2K22 executive producer Erick Boenisch discussed the gameplay and new features of NBA 2K22. The offensive and defensive gameplay are now more skill-based, making it the easiest and fun NBA 2K title to enjoy.

Live The City

The most important element is to set up a fully integrated with The City around MyCareer with the next-generation version, making it absolutely like an RPG, similar to those seen in the Grand Theft Auto series.

MyCareer will no longer be like a movie, with your players run around in The City and chat with coaches and agents.

There are also many commendable points for current-gen players. Boenisch believes that the two versions of this game will bring gamers different experiences, so whether you choose to join next-gen or current-gen, you will get a brand new experience.

NBA 2K21 can be said to be a successful game, so fans have higher expectations for NBA 2K22 and believe that 2K22 will not disappoint them. At present, a lot of related news has been leaked. Gamers have a general understanding of the content of NBA 2K22 and are even very interested in it. If more news is released later, GAMEMS will also update related articles in the news section in time.

And GAMEMS is fully prepared for the upcoming game, NBA 2K22 MT has been launched, so if you will be a gamer of NBA 2K22, you can pay more attention to GAMEMS, once the game is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT.

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