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NBA 2K22 is now available on Xbox Game Pass

Apr 29, 2022 Source: GAMEMS

Yesterday, Xbox Game Pass released three new additions, including NBA 2K22, just in time for the NBA playoffs. As the latest prestigious in the long-running basketball game series, its addition to the Xbox Game Pass list yesterday has many players excited.

Upon purchase, Xbox Game Pass will provide access to over 300 games that support both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X platforms. Players can download NBA 2K22 for free through Microsoft's monthly subscription service. Meanwhile, discounts are available if you don't want to buy it through a subscription service. So now is the perfect time to build your MyTeam and MyCareer.

Subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass service will save you a lot of money compared to the price of buying games outright, as well as access to other included games.

Now join the game from Xbox Game Pass, you can choose to play in MyTean, MyCareer, and The W three modes, and build your fantasy team to participate in various challenges and events. In the meantime, you can enjoy the Season 6: Zero Gravity content, which launched earlier this month, and enjoy the game experience with the new season and new player cards.

Plus, you can also join the most popular Playoff Agendas and collect cards to exchange for Dark Matter rewards. And strengthen your roster and earn rewards by winning matches.

GAMEMS will continue to update NBA 2K22 related news. In addition, To support you to get a better experience in the game, we also provide you with cheap NBA 2K22 MT. You can contact the website customer service at any time buy product.

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