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NBA 2K22: How to get off to a good start in Season 8?

Jul 04, 2022

Jul 04, 2022 Source: GAMEMS

As the prelude to NBA 2K22 Season 8 officially kicks off, both new and old players want to seize the opportunity at the beginning of the season. In order to get off to a good start in this brand-new opportunity, it is crucial to grab the free cards rewards in time and quickly complete the challenges and agendas.

As an entry into Season 8, players will receive a nice bonus upon their first login. A free Invincible Isiah Thomas will officially start your Season 8 journey and give you the motivation to upgrade. Taken together, this card is a great value as it has A+ in all ratings and a 99 OVR rating in shooting, passing, and defense, making it a suitable option to lead a team at the start of the season.

It is worth mentioning that to celebrate the release of Season 8 and the tenth anniversary of MyTeam, the most anticipated Locker Codes has also been released in large quantities. Grabbing these rewards can help you have a smoother experience in the next MyTeam process. The currently available Locker Codes we know are:

1. Use "MyTEAN-SEASON-8-X58WM" to get rewards such as End Game Shap and Kobe and tokens.

2. Use "W4X7H-WQF9D-AADJH-7NWBM-SJZUA" to get Glitched Larry Bird.

3. Use "J69EL-YHMTY-SRGY4-BLL8C-VZ5LF" to get Dark Matter Bol Bol.

4. Use "BJLKG-66NJ7-G4PMQ-Q8HTB-HE8VT" to get Dark Matter Paolo Banchero.

5. Use "7RUVD-CZ97W-U98KL-7C8XZ-RJQAS" to obtain Metamorphosis Zion Williamson.

6. Use "DGFYB-W3B34-JGQED-GGFGS-NKRDK" to get End Game Scottie Barnes.

7. Use "VCL7V-YJVBK-TRY6E-2QNJW-35J5U" to get Dark Matter Jalen Green.

Meanwhile, Season 8 brings the most challenging Domination tier to date, with the most anticipated reward being End Game James Harden, which players will be able to use to strengthen their teams. is here to help you in the new season to get you to level 40 with honors and rewards. In addition, you can not only get more useful information here but also get NBA 2K22 MT to achieve your expected MyTeam squad.


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