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NBA 2K22: How To Get GO Jayson Tatum In Season 4?

In NBA 2K22 Season 4, you can now earn some impressive rewards by completing the newly acquired Season Agendas. The grand prize for completing all these agendas is the Galaxy Opal Jayson Tatum, which means everyone has a chance to get it, but the process of getting it won't be easy. GAMEMS will show how to win the GO Jayson Tatum in Season 4.

How to get GO Jayson Tatum?

Although this challenge is not easy, you have plenty of time to complete it to get all the rewards. Alternatively, you can first come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT to get everything ready.

This Agenda is available on January 21st, you just have to complete it by February 25th, which is when Season 4 ends.

MyTeam's playoff Push Agenda brings you 6 Pink Diamond players, plus GO Jayson Tatum. Before Season 4 ends, you need to complete the following quests to get Jayson Tatum:

* Playoff Push: Atlantic (5 challenges)

* Playoff Push: Central (5 challenges)

* Playoff Push: Southeast (5 challenges)

* Playoff Push: Northwest (5 challenges)

* Playoff Push: Pacific (5 challenges)

* Playoff Push: Southwest (5 challenges)

* The Final Playoff Push (12 challenges)

Each challenge within the Agendas has difficulty, some requiring you to get 30 rebounds with a specific player in multiplayer games. It takes some work, but it is achievable to complete all the quests in the rest of the time.

Other rewards

Even if you don't end up completing all the quests to get the GO Jayson Tatum, you can get other rewards. If you need pink diamond Ben Gordon, you need 30 rebounds with Rewards Andrew Bogut in the playoff push: central agenda.

*Diamond Jose Calderon

*Diamond Larry Johnson

*Diamond Stephen Jackson

* Pink Diamond Deandre Ayton

*Pink Diamond Tim Hardaway

* Pink Diamond Gordon Hayward

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