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NBA 2K22: How To Do A Perfect Jump Shot?

Sep 18, 2021

In NBA 2K22, it’s great to complete a perfect jump shot. But to complete it requires you to grasp the timing. If the timing is not right, or the blockers have been getting to the ball, then there are only some teaks to pay attention to.

But there are too many options for you to choose from, and some gamers may feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, some gamers took the time to try every option for the base and release, and finally came up with the best option. GAMEMS wanted to follow the trend and write this article.

When designing a jump shot, there is a great deal of wiggle room. Long-range shoot players need a lower release, while mid-range shooters need a higher one. Slower jumpers look weaker, and they usually hit the green area more easily.


* Best Jump Shot Base: Jump Shot 77

* Honorable Mention: Steph Curry, Ray Allen, Jump Shot 29, Jump Shot 43

The base measures body angle, shoot time, movement before the jump, height and jumping direction. Ideally, the body should be upright or slightly backward, with a fast release speed, eliminate unnecessary movements, and jump is high, and the ball is released before the body moves forward.

Jump Shot 77 stands out from other lower/base shots with its fast and high leap.

Upper Release

* Best Upper Release 1: Release 64

* Best Upper Release 2: Release 142

* Honorable Mention: Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Release 49

The perfect release is affected by several factors. The ball should be released at the peak and level or behind the shooter’s head, the hands should follow the larger area of accuracy on the shot meter, and the ball should be in the prepared position for as long as possible to achieve a perfect release.

The release itself should be as fast as possible, but it needs to be kept above and behind the head. Many quick shots release from the shooter's chest and front of the bodies, making them easier to block, and negating the whole purpose of speeding up the shot. Release 64 and Release 142 are perfect for this.


Now, it is necessary to maximize the release speed. Due to the release used, the margin of error here is huge. The timing of Release 64 is better, but basketball spends more time in the perfect release zone of Release 142. The best way to solve this problem is to blend these two styles, you can get the advantages of both of them at the same time. A 50/50 blend will work well.

If you have not achieved a 100% completion rate, then this article may be beneficial to you. GAMEMS not only provides NBA 2K22-related guidance but also provides the NBA 2K22 MT you need in the game. This can be said to be the basis of the game, because you can get more excellent players through 2K22 MT. Sufficient NBA 2K22 MT can always guarantee a good gaming experience.


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