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NBA 2K22: How To Complete ‘Put On A Unique Outfit’ Quest?

NBA 2K22 has been released and players have already enjoyed the game, but some gamers may be frustrated with some quests, one of which is put on a unique outfit. Gamers have reported various attempts to fixes and bemoaning the lack of progress. But now GAMEMS has learned a way to keep the quest going, which can get you to the next stage.

How to finish the ‘Put on a unique outfit’ guide?

This quest has no bugs, but it has different requirements. The exact name of this quest is ‘You Gotta Start Somewhere See and Be Seen.’ It requires you to wear a unique outfit to move on.

You may feel frustrated because the instructions are not clear enough. Some fans said that they cleaned up the stores in small, replaced every piece of clothing they could think of, and even restarted the software to no avail. But now, the solution has emerged.

Although the game requires you to have unique outfits, it means showing your crew’s colors with a few embellishments. According to the team or crew they join, they should go to the corresponding store and purchase gear there. Once you buy it, as long as you put on these clothes, the quest will continue.

For new NBA 2K22 gamers, crews and professional teams are different. A crew is a user-made group with its name, icon, and scheme.

This is the guide for the NBA 2K22 ‘Put On A Unique Outfit’ quest. As for more NBA 2K22 news, you can check it out on GAMEMS at any time.

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