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NBA 2K22: A New Trailer Shows Off The Zipline In The City

Jan 28, 2022

A recent trailer for NBA 2K22 showed off a big new addition to The City's sandbox. The new video highlighted in the trailer is a Zipline that will get you to key areas of The City quickly. GAMEMS knew the relevant information.

NBA 2K22 confirms the effectiveness of the Zipline, and this video uses a next-gen version of the game. The trailer begins with a player jumping from their Penthouse onto a Zipline overlooking much of The City, including street court games, The Gym, The Rec, various shops, and many other buildings and billboards around The City. The Zipline ends up at one of the many basketball courts around The City, where players can quickly enter the game as soon as they land.

The video for the NBA 2K22 not only focuses on The City's Zipline but also showcases several fashions. Players will always be able to customize their NBA 2K22 avatar with unique clothing, as well as Adidas, Crocs, and Nike and new brands, which will be added as the game continue to grow. You can buy these clothes with MVP points, and you'll zipline to The Penthouse in NBA 2K22 which will cost you a lot of extra points.

You can unlock this zipline by buying a penthouse in The City, which will cost you 1 million MVP points. You'll need to complete NBA 2K22's career quests, daily quests, personal brand questlines such as fashion and music, or seasonal quests. The penthouse is located to the north of the large building in The City center.

When you complete an "A Room with A View" objective, you unlock the Zipline, which triggers a cutscene and you own the suite. Before jumping on the zipline, you need to choose any of the four areas you want to go to, and on the zipline, you can show-off using a variety of animations. One of the animations was shown off in the NBA 2K22 video, and as you glide down, you'll see the character's legs run through the air.

If you have a favorite player, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT from GAMEMS first, which will help you reach your goals faster and make your quests go more smoothly.


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