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NBA 2K21: You Can Start A Treasure Hunt In Season 6 With Glitched Reality

Mar 31, 2021

The new season of NBA 2K21 is underway. A lot of new features, player cards, and more content are waiting for you to decipher. 2K announced that there will be a lot of details, and they added some mystery, you will be able to start a treasure hunt alone in Season 6 with Glitched Reality.

In NBA 2K21, season 6 of MyTeam will is on all consoles. The theme of this season is Glitched Reality. The 2K team has left hints and codes on the game and the official website. You can try and decipher them to get the in-game rewards. The main reward for reaching level 40 is a Dark Matter J.R Smith.

In Season 6, you will be able to get a lot of rewards, as well as special seasonal challenges starred by Dwayne Wade, you can get these rewards. In addition, as long as you open the challenges, you will get a Jimmy Butler card as a level one reward. By completing the challenges in MyTeam mode, you can get more rewards in the form of Galaxy Opals.

The list continues, and Dark Matter Mel Daniels is the final 99-star award. There seems to be a variety of secret code rewards on the website. If possible, GAMEMS will also update related articles on deciphering secret codes.

So this update brings a great way to attract more gamers and provides a lot of rewards for 2K fans. GAMEMS will continue to follow up on relevant news.

And GAMEMS also provides cheap NBA 2K21 MT, which is a necessity in the game, you can't go well without it. So if you are considering buy NBA 2K21 MT, GAMEMS will be the most suitable choice for you. Our considerate customer service is always praised, if you have any questions, you can ask our staff at any time, they will answer you in a short time and patiently.


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