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NBA 2K21: The Best Badges For Power Forwards

For NBA 2K21 Power Forwards, they will be dependent on bring physical strength and have a strong inside game at both ends of the court. Based on that, you should choose badges that boost your ability to get by paint defenders, finish scoring opportunities at the rim, and protect your hoop from attackers.

Box - Defense/Rebounding Badge

It provides better animation on box-outs. It increases the possibility of preventing opponents from bypassing you. This badge will activate when boxing out opponents.

When Power Forwards is preparing to grab a rebound, this badge may activate multiple times and will become a factor in most players' rebound attempts, regardless of whether they are successful or not.

Rim Protector - Defense/Rebounding Badge

It boosts the chances of blocking a shot, allows unique blocking animations, and provides a boost to Team Takeover. When blocking a shot, this badge will activate. It is the best badge for stopping slashers and fighting against bigs.

Worm - Defense/Rebounding Badge

It allows you to swim or spin opponents easier when boxed out. This badge will activate when a player tries to get by an opponent who is boxing them out. Worm will improve the player's ability to get a rebound in the best position, either for a putback, or end a defensive sequence.

Chase Down Artist - Defense/Rebounding Badge

It can significantly boost the player's speed and vertical attributes, when trying a chase-down block. This badge will activate when the player stands behind an opponent, who is on the fastbreak and tries to block.

Power Forwards usually have the ideal blend of size and athletic ability, and the player can even try a chase-down block. This badge will allow a player to soar in the air.

Brick Wall - Defense/Rebounding Badge

It allows players to perform more effective screens, but also consumes more stamina from the opponent. When a player is on an opponent's player, this badge will activate at any time. This badge can turn the slightest off-ball contact into a few seconds of defenders being glued to the pick.

Post Spin Technician - Playmaking Badge

It will provide players with better post-drive or post-spin animations. This badge will activate every time a player posts up a defender and tries to drive or spin past them.

Pro Touch - Finishing Badge

It will boost the efficiency of timely layups. This Badge will activate on any layup attempt that has slightly early, slightly late, or excellent release timing. Even in the face of a good defensive position, Power Forwards with this badge will also have a good opportunity to score all but the staunchest of paint defenders.

Acrobat - Finishing Badge

It can boost the short percentage on some layup attempts, and it will activate during reverse, change-shot, euros-step, hop step, cradle, spin, and half-spin layups.

Fancy Footwork - Finishing Badge

It provides better dunk or layup gather animations for certain drivers. This Badge will activate on spin, half-spin, euro, hop step, and cradle gathers.

Contact Finisher - Finishing Badge

It can improve the ability to finish a contact dunk or contact layup. This Badge will activate when the player draws physical contact from defenders while driving to the rim.

If good badges are equipped on a good player, it will be twice the result with half the effort. The process of obtaining the badge is already time-consuming. If you want to get the ideal player, then using NBA 2K21 MT to buy it will be the best choice.

But a good player card will be very valuable, so if you are short of NBA 2K21 MT, just come to GAMEMS to buy them. Because GAMEMS provides NBA 2K21 MT for various platforms, whether you use PS4/5, Xbox One/Xbox Series, PC, or Switch, you can buy the corresponding NBA 2K21 MT here.

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