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NBA 2K21 MyCareer: Which Position Is The Best For You To Play In LA Clippers?

Nov 04, 2020

The next generation of NBA 2K21 is coming soon. It will be released on Xbox Series X/S on November 10 and PS5 will get the game on November 12. So NBA 2K21 fans need to pay attention to these two dates.

If you will be the next generation player of NBA 2K21, would you choose to play in LA Clippers? Because this team is also popular, if you do, what position would you like to play?

Each gamer focuses on different aspects. Some gamers will focus more on a build that is more suitable The Rec or The Park, but there are also other gamers who want to realize their great basketball dreams in the game. So, if you are a fan of the LA Clippers and you want to lead your team to success in the game, choosing the right position is an important prerequisite.

First of all, they don't need wings, because Kawhl Lenard and Paul George joined. And Ivica Zubac's starting center position is too strong to be shaken, so power forward and point guard are your best choices.

If you choose one of the two, we recommend that you choose a point guard, which will make the game more interesting! 2K ditched the pie chart skill selection in the next-generation version, so you can add points where you think it is necessary. Building a pass-first player is what Clippers needs, and if such a player joins in, it will undoubtedly increase their chances of winning. So when you start building, pay attention to playmaking and defense with adding some shooting points.

The perfect cooperation of Kawhi and PG will bring some easy assists, while the pick-and-roll game with Ivica Zubac will be able to create more opportunities for the whole team.

If you create a point guard, which means that Patrick Beverley will move to the bench, but giving Lou Williams a point guard that truly matches him can benefit the second unit.

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