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NBA 2K21: How To Use Shot Aiming?

Source: GAMEMS

In NBA 2K21, you can use a function for jump shots and layups to become "shot aiming" in the game. This function is new in NBA 2K21.

How to use shot aiming?

Shot-aiming allows you to take control of the aim of jump shots and layups using Pro-stick. When you pull down on the Pro-stick, you push it back to the direction you want, and timing the shot window to get a "perfectly green" shot release.

Shot Aiming Or Shot Button

Using Pro-stick and shot aiming has its advantages. Compared with Shot Button, you can get more time to aim your shot when using Pro-stick. In addition, when you aim your shot with Pro-stick, you usually have a higher chance of getting a green release.

However, from another point of view, Pro-stick is more difficult to master, which is one of the reasons why the Shot button is often used. In addition, if you are dribbling, shot aiming will be more difficult.

Therefore, if you want to be more proficient in the various operations in the game, practicing is the fastest way. Once you are proficient in using various skills, coupled with excellent players to complete your instructions, you will definitely occupy the dominant position quickly.

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