NBA 2K21 Guide: The Way To Change Pro-Stick Aiming
NBA 2K21 Guide: The Way To Change Pro-Stick Aiming

Since the release of NBA 2K21, its jump shot mechanics has been discussed by players. And most players have a negative attitude towards the new jump shot mechanics. Because of unpopularity, EA had to allow players to use last year's settings again.

In the beginning, the pro-stick can only be used for aiming jump shots. This requires the player to use the stick in a target window to keep a yellow marker on every jump shot.

To choose a specific jump shot mechanics, the player needs to enter the Options menu first. You can find it in the pause menu of any game mode.

In the options, select the Controller Settings. Under the Controller Settings, you can see options for the Shot Aiming and Shot Timing. You can set it according to your habits. You can set any of them to practice shooting and layups. The new Shot Aiming mechanics can be completely turned off, but the Shot Timing cannot.

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