NBA 2K21 Christmas Events: Will Winter Madness Be Back Again?
NBA 2K21 Christmas Events: Will Winter Madness Be Back Again?

Christmas is approaching now, and I bet many Christmas promotions are already underway. As fans of NBA 2K21, what promotions can we expect?

In fact, Season 3, also known as The Season of Giving, is underway at full speed in NBA 2K21. The latest MyTeam promo has a unique style with the Christmas tint. What about the other parts?

Christmas Event

Last year, EA provided a Christmas-themed Park, and Winter Madness brought freshness to players. Will it come back again this year? Or it will usher in a new event?

The Neighborhood

In NBA 2K20, Neighborhood can be said to be the most "Christmas" place, but because Christmas has not yet come this year, so in 2K21, you haven't really felt it. In 20, there are Christmas trees, gifts, snow and more content, and they all started on December 1st last year, so this year EA still doesn't leak any news, which is a bit confusing.


Because there is already Season of Giving, we are not sure if there will be more Christmas content in MyTeam. Despite this, many fans are still looking forward to seeing the Locker Code as a reward to drop on Christmas Day. It would be better if more Pink Diamonds and future Collections are available throughout December.

Winter Madness

In NBA 2K19, Winter Madness first appeared, it immediately captured the hearts of fans. This 9-day event starts on December 22 and runs until December 30. It features a series of different content, from competitions to beats to celebrity 1v1s.

So, in this year's NBA 2K21, can we still see its return?

In any case, we can still look forward to interesting events. If EA releases relevant news, GAMEMS will update the article in time to let you know.

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