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NBA 2K20 Introduces New What-If Analysis and New Year Resolution Cards to MyTeam

Ever wondered what kind of player he would be if DeMar DeRozan was a more deadly three-point shooter? Like me, maybe you are already thinking about what would happen to DeAndre Jordan if he was a good free throw hitter.

2K took this step with the help of DeRozan and Jordan and pushed it to MyTeam mode with a new "Re-evolution" New Year resolution card. All cards focus on the famous NBA players of the past and present, and each card allows you to develop your cards to a level that eliminates each player's biggest weakness.

The DeRozan card was originally 95 diamonds, but once his external firing properties have been increased, it will rise to 96 pink diamonds. Once the requirements to improve the free throw hit rate, Jordan will start with an 89 ruby, and gradually reach 92 amethyst.

DeRozan and Jordan Cards are the two smaller gems in the group. 96 PD's Bob Pettit evolved to enhance athleticism, becoming a 97 PD. The evolved 96 PD Gilbert Arenas improved the score with higher defense.

There are 12 cards in the set. If you collect them all, then the prize is a good choice. You'll receive a 97 PD Bill Bill Russell card. After evolution, his three-point shooting percentage rose to 98. That is unfair.

However, players hope that there will not be a lot of meaningless Galaxy Opal cards in the spring as you saw in the game last year.

So far, I have opened three single packs of MT (17,250 MT for the deluxe edition, one NYR card guaranteed, 10,000 MT for non-guaranteed packages), and all I get is three Ruby Shaun Livingston cards; Therefore, the overall life of the box is inconclusive.

 Players are better off not spending any cash on these packages for the time being. Players who need a lot of NBA 2K20 MT can get it from GameMS, the game's third-party trading service platform. As we all know, this market is mature enough. If you don't have enough time and energy to focus on games, then the virtual item trading service provided by GameMS will definitely get your approval.

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