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NBA 2K Franchise: Can 2K22 Take A New Step In The Right Direction?

Source: GAMEMS

NBA 2K needs a big change, so fans pin their hopes on NBA 2K22. With the end of the 2021 NBA season, the game will follow. Soon, the trailer will reveal the next iteration of the franchise.

Because the improvement of NBA 2K is lackluster, it is criticized every year. 2K loyal fans always feel that the new game experience is no different from the previous one, and even some players think it is not worth upgrading. In the past few years, microtransactions have also become a new problem. In this game, the pay-to-win mechanics is always emphasized. NBA 2K21 is like a free-to-play game with microtransactions. Will 2K22 reverse this situation?

After its launch, 2K21 released some improvements on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. It took more than a year to test the next-gen technology, and 2K22 should have a more polished franchise.

The 2K series has always been a leader in image improvements, but sometimes games just look better. Because of clumsy and incoherent animations, gamers have been plagued. Real-time input of long and smooth animations can be tricky, but next-gen animations can really improve the feel of the game and let gamers immerse in it.


Multiplayer mode is not popular in NBA 2K games, and microtransactions are even more annoying to gamers. They can choose to constantly grind to improve their characters in the Story Mode, or use NBA 2K21 MT to make them stronger than their opponents immediately. So if NBA 2K22 cancels microtransactions, it must be a good decision.


If you prefer to play games with friends, then the game needs to solve some problems as much as possible. The form of lag and latency in the game needs to be improved, which is a huge obstacle.

2K has produced many excellent NBA 2K games, so there are reasons to believe that it has the potential to make games better. Then 2K22 is an excellent opportunity for the development team to prove themselves. Once NBA 2K22 publishes relevant news, GAMEMS will broadcast it in time. And the cheap NBA 2K22 MT on GAMEMS can also be expected.

Now fans can only focus on NBA 2K21, so you can only buy NBA 2K21 MT here.

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