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Madden NFL 22: How To Strip The Ball?

Jan 29, 2022

In Madden 22, whether you want to be on the NFL field or in The Yard, getting the ball out of a ball carrier’s hand is a critical thing, and based on that, GAMEMS will show you how to strip the ball.

How to strip the ball?

If you take a hit in the game, especially a hard one, you can miss out at any point. Every player has the skill to carry the ball and is more or less fumble prone, which depends on their attributes. Our suggestion is that, instead of waiting for a random fumble to happen, you can try to do a skill check of sorts. Or, before you start, you can invest Madden 22 Coins in some highly-rated players, which will greatly improve your odds of success.

When you're about to strip the ball as a defender, press "R1" on PlayStation and "RB" on Xbox when you are in tacking range of an offensive player with the ball. Just because you've done it all doesn't mean you'll get a fumble every time. Your defender can fail and potentially remove himself from position to get a tackle. 

Offensive players can book it for some significant yards if there is an open space. In addition, you run the risk of the defender missing and inadvertent committing a face mask penalty.

Be careful when you choose to strip a ball in Madden 22, and try to save it for chances where a stripped ball can change the course of the game.


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