Madden NFL 20 is like a team playing not to lose instead of trying to win
Madden NFL 20 is like a team playing not to lose instead of trying to win

The power of American sports games is not enough to induce old players to innovate, but the game is still very reliable.

There is no doubt that EA Sports' Made NFL series can be a true game giant. The North American annual sales tracked by the NPD Group indicates that in the past nine years, the annual professional football release has been ranked in the top five.

The Madden NFL 20 can make it a decade of glory, but that's not because this year's game is very special. Many players are more willing to get important information from the GameMS website and spend the same money to buy more MUT 20 Coins. When certain conditions are met, the X factor of a particular star player will be rewarded, and we can start to change the rules of the game on fall Sundays. Regional ability is a passive enhancement of star players.

A series of new unexpected visual errors hampered the original impressive immersive virtual football game. It is unfair to expect perfect performance in sports. After a few months of game testing, you will never miss it.

The highest expected feature may be a story-driven new professional model, the “franchise face: QB1”. QB1 replaced the two-year Longshot story, bringing gamers to fictional NFL passer Devin Wade. QB1 allows gamers to create their players and guide them from the rookie NFL season college signing date.

After choosing one of the top 12 NCAA plans around the signing date, the story quickly entered the college football playoffs as a fourth-grade college student. Hey, you originally recruited from the program to the future QB, but later the other elite changed their mind and decided to go to school. Your avatar is too stubborn to transfer, which makes it rot on the bench before the last two games of his college career. Paths can branch from this point and will vary at the NFL level.

For your new game scene engine, it's a bit stupid to create opposing players throughout the rookie season, but it's an effective way to generate goals and get interesting things for each game. These conditions are also generated in the franchise model, otherwise, it will remain unchanged compared to last year.

Whether QB1 is called Longshot is still controversial. Continue to pursue extraordinary story patterns in the types of sports games.

EA Sports' Ultimate Team signature card collection, micro-transaction fill mode continues to be simplified. It's worth noting that you might like this model without spending money on the primary game, but dedicated players may not notice too much change.

The Madden collection is impressive every time. There is no doubt that this year's experience is no different from last year. In other words, if you didn't buy Madden fans a few years ago, they wouldn't be disappointed when they buy the Madden NFL 20 and Madden NFL 20 Coins, but there are always people who will blindly buy new games.

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