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Madden 22 Zero Chill: Ghosts of Madden Players Get Revealed

Dec 22, 2021

Finally, Ghost of Madden appeared in this year's Zero Chill promo, and some related content was leaked. GAMEMS has obtained all the details about the Ghosts of Madden players and when they will appear in MUT 22.

All Ghosts of Madden players

MUT 22 has attracted attention recently due to Zero Chill, because there are new drops every week that bring winter fun, and Madden Ghosts of Madden is the next one.

In the earlier live stream, almost all the Ghosts of Madden players have appeared. They will not be kept as secrets for too long, because Ghosts of Madden will be released in the Ultimate Team at around 10 am ET on December 22nd (Wednesday). 

Ghosts of Madden Present

The players below are all top players who are currently active. They all have 94 OVR

* Present Jayon Brown (MLB) - Tennessee Titans

* Present Danielle Hunter(LE) - Minnesota Vikings

* Present Randy Gregory (RE) - Dallas Cowboys

* Present Rashad Fenton(CB)-Kansas City Chiefs

* Present Vonn Bell(SS)-Cincinnati Bengals

* Present Nate Solder(RT)-New York Giants

* Present Matt Paradis (C)-Carolina Panthers

* Present Terry McLaurin(WR)-Washington Football Team

* Present Chris Godwin(WR)-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Perhaps they are the choice of most Madden 22 gamers at present. If there are players you like, it must be wise to prepare enough Madden 22 Coins in advance.

Ghosts of Madden Future

The following players may be the best in Madden in the next few years. They all have 92 OVR.

* Future Jon Runyan (LG) - Green Bay Packers

* Future Jonathan Greenard (RE) - Houston Texans

* Future Penei Sewell(RT) - Detroit Lions

* Future Darrell Henderson Jr(HB) - Los Angeles Rams

* Future Trevor Lawrence(QB) - Jacksonville

* Future Najee Harris(HB) - Pittsburgh Steelers

* Future Keith Taylor(CB) - Carolina Panthers

* Future Akeem Davis-Gaither (ROLB) - Cincinnati Bengals

* Future Greg Newsome II(CB) - Cleveland Browns

In the next few days, we will also see Madden 22 updates, and GAMEMS will follow current events and select the most interesting parts to share with Madden fans here.


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