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Madden 22: Who Will Be The Cover Star? Aaron Rodgers Or Derrick Henry?

Because EA hasn't released any news about Madden 22 for now, fans can only keep guessing. As the NFL season is approaching, various speculations have intensified. There have been many speculations just about the cover player of Madden 22.

Derrick Henry

Although there is no news about who will appear on the cover of Madden 22, it is speculated that through the video on TikTok, Gamestop may have revealed that the running back of the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry, maybe the Madden 22 cover player. This will be a good game taste because the number on Henry's jersey is 22.

Derrick Henry performed perfectly this year, rushing for 2000 yards in the regular season, helping the Titans enter the AFC wild card round, and finally lost to the Ravens by a score of 20-13.

This is not the first time that the cover player of the Madden series has been leaked to the public. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson appeared on the cover just a few months before the game’s release.

Although Derrick Henry has the greatest chance of appearing on the cover of Madden 22, there are still other speculations.

Aaron Rodgers

Another candidate for the cover of Madden 22 is Aaron Rodgers. Fans’ speculation seems to be reasonable. First of all, Madden games are usually released in August, but Madden 22 does not release relevant news as early as before, which is very weird for fans.

It makes sense to speculate that Aaron Rodgers is the cover of Madden 22. He is the MVP of the 2020 NFL season, which is the third time in his career. Despite Rodgers' success with the Green Bay Packers, including the Super Bowl victory, there are reports that Rodgers is considering moving to another team. Because Rodgers is not satisfied with Green Bay's recently, the most fundamental problem is Green Bay's decision to use its first-round draft pick on another quarterback.

So this may also explain why Madden 22 has not announced the cover star for so long.

Therefore, from a different perspective, it seems that these two players are likely to be the cover players of Madden 22. Who will become the final choice of EA has to wait until the official announcement.

GAMEMS is also very curious about this, so once there is news about the cover star of Madden 22, GAMEMS will be updated to let you know as soon as possible.

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