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Madden 22:Want To Prevent A Tackle? Do The Stiff Arm!

In a football game, if you want to prevent being tackled and continue to get yards, you can use Stiff Arm. In addition, this method will also help you in other ways, so it is a very effective way to help you succeed. GAMEMS will also introduce it briefly and clearly to let you know better.

Stiff Arm is a ball carrier (such as a wide receiver, a tight end, or a running back) who extends an arm out intending to push the defender back. Just like in a real game, you can also perform the Stiff Arm action in Madden 22, which is very simple.

How to do a Stiff Arm?

If you are a ball carrier and want to use Stiff Arm on your opponent, you need to click A ( on Xbox) or X (on PlayStation). This is a very simple step, but you need to make sure that when you try to trigger this animation, there is a defender near you.

Stiff Arm can be quite effective, it is very suitable to use when there is a defender on the left or right of the ball carrier, which can achieve the best effect. Of course, if the situation is not perfect, it may not be 100% effective, but it can still be a tool to help you get extra yards.

Completing Stiff Arm is very simple, but finding the right moment is trial and error, so you can fully master it through practice, which can make you get twice as much done with half the effort. In addition to some Madden 22-related guides, you can also buy Madden 22 Coins here.

Because in Madden 22, good players are always sought after, and enough Madden 22 Coins can let you get your favorite players faster, and cheap MUT 22 Coins are available in GAMEMS, which is exactly what the gamers need.

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