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Madden 22 Vote: The Players Most Likely To Be Cover Stars

Source: GAMEMS

The cover vote for Madden 22 is only available to EA. But now there are many competitors, and the most likely players are ranked as follows. We don't know if the future cover star of Madden 22 will just appear in the list below.

Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans(RB)

In 2020, he completed 2027 rushing yards and 17 TDs, which makes him become a popular candidate for the cover of Madden 22. As early as March, a Gamestop store used Henry's photos to advertise this new game, so this may also imply something.

Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packer (QB)

In the regular season, Rodgers defeated Brady, which is impressive. He cast 48 TDs, only 5 picks, and finally won the MVP.

Tom Brady - Tampa Bay Buccaneers( QB)

In the 2020 season, Brady hit 4633 passing yards, 40 TDs, before winning his sixth Super Bowl ring, Brady defeated the Kansas Chiefs 31-9. And he committed to play for Bucs for two seasons, which is very admirable.

Stefon Diggs - Buffalo Bills (WR)

After his telepathic connection with quarterback Josh Allen, he completed 127 catches, 1535 yards, 8 TDs, and was an AFC East title last time out. Currently, his first year of leaving the Vikings seems to be pretty good.

Dalvin Cook - Minnesota Vikings(RB)

After completing 1557 yards and 16 TDs, this Florida state graduate is impressive.

Travis Kelce - Kansas City Chiefs( TE)

Even at the age of 31, many people think he is the greatest TE in NFL history. In 2020, he once again proved himself with 105 catches, 1416 yards, and 11 TDs. There is no doubt that it is Mahomes' right-hand man, but if he can be the cover player of Madden 22, he is also worth it.

Aaron Donald - Los Angeles Rams( DT)

Entering his eighth season, few defensive players are as effective as Donald. If he can nab the Madden 22 box, then he will be the first D-Man since Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks did it on Madden 15.

Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs (QB)

With 4740 passing yards, 308 rushing yards and 40 TDs, Mahomes led the Chiefs to the Super Bowl twice. So can he become the cover star of 22?

Trevor Lawrence - TBC(QB)

Many people think he will be selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL Draft, and he will also be the first rookie to appear on the cover of Madden. In Knoxville's three-year college career, he ran for 10,000 yards and completed 90 TDs.

Although EA has not released any news about Madden 22, fans are already speculating about who will become the cover star. But for now, Derrick Henry has a great chance.

Draft Week has already started. Many fans are also very concerned about this. GAMEMS will collect the latest news as much as possible to inform you.

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