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Madden 22 Ultimate Team's annual tradition: Golden Tickets is now open for redemption

Apr 07, 2022

Madden 22 is a sports-themed placement game published by EA. Players can simulate real games on a virtual platform, carry out wonderful alliance exchanges, and experience the most complete professional challenges. In every competition, players can enjoy the charm of rugby.

Since its release, Madden 22 has received mixed reviews, but it cannot be denied that it has been one of the most popular releases in the NFL series. Brand new features in Madden 22's team mode include staff management, an enhanced season engine and weekly strategies. Character progression and player ratings are shared between the team front and The Yard with unified progression. Also, for the first time ever in Ultimate Team, the Superstar X-Factor can be adjusted at halftime.

It's worth mentioning that the Golden Tickets have been an annual tradition for the NFL series. Although it is in small quantities and only available to some lucky players, once Golden Tickets are obtained, the game level can be improved.

Now, it's back in Madden 22 again, and players have the option to use Golden Tickets to level up their Star Cards to level 99. now Madden 22 players are eager to know how to redeem their Golden Tickets.

Details about the Golden Tickets program can be found on the official forum, and with regard to its redemption method, the developers especially emphasized Golden Tickets-specific applicable windows and procedures. The developer will keep track of who has received the Golden Tickets and email players about this news and the choice to upgrade the star. While there may be many players who have the opportunity to get the Golden Tickets, it is first-come, first-served, so players need to pick up their card as soon as possible. So what players need to do is to wait. Once the game party contacts them, players must choose the star card to be upgraded as soon as possible and report it to the developer.

Overall, if you're lucky, you may get the Golden Tickets. That is a fantastic opportunity to improve your roster for Madden 22 players. But in fact, not only the Golden Tickets but also Madden 22 Coins can provide support for upgrading the level. If you are a Madden 22 player and need more coins to constantly improve your player lineup, purchasing directly on GAMEMS is your best choice. We will provide thoughtful game third-party services and provide you with sufficient MUT 22 Coins at low prices and high efficiency, you are welcome to come and buy, we have great deals waiting for you!


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