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Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Minnesota Vikings Theme Team

Jan 08, 2022

Madden 22 Ultimate Team went in full swings with Zero Chill during the holidays and provided fans with more exciting content. With the arrival of the latest MUT 22, GAMEMS has also selected some excellent players to facilitate you to build the perfect Vikings Theme Team.

Minnesota Vikings Theme Team

If you haven't started grinding and don't want to invest Madden 22 Coins in this, then you can start to build a Vikings Theme Team. This is the last set worth seeing. It will continue to grow and more Vikings cards will drop.

Best Vikings MUT 22 Cards

Offense - Percy Harvin, Adrian Peterson, Randall Cunningham

The recently launched Campus Heroes Percy Harvin has become a must-have for Vikings Theme Team fans.

Ghosts of Madden Adrian Peterson is also a good choice, you can also choose Bo Knows Randall Cunningham as the perfect pairing under center.

Team Diamond - Ahmad Rashad

The Diamond Team is the key to the Vikings Theme Team, because they bring additional Team Chemistry and other Vikings lineups.

Campus Heroes 2 has a stronger Ahmad Rashad, but you will not get the same Team Chemistry boosts as this Team Diamonds version.

Defense - Danielle Hunter, Harrison Smith, Antony Barr

This season, Ghosts of Madden Danielle Hunter will have a key fixture in Minnesota. You can also get some great Redux options, Most Feared LTD Anthony Barr (LOLB) and LTD Harrison Smith (SS) have recently been re-released as more affordable Redux cards that are just as strong.

Other Options for Ultimate Team

If you want to perfect your Vikings Theme Team, you need to earn MUT 22 Coins to pay for some top choices.

Cordarrelle Patterson with 90 OVR is a reliable choice, currently worth 55.4K.

The cheap option is Bo Knows Randall Cunningham with 85 OVR, which is only at 6.4K.


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