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Madden 22: These Are What We Need!

Source: GAMEMS

This game has developed a lot in the past few years, but fans still hope that EA can provide more content and overall quality. Madden 22 will come out on a new generation of consoles, so gamers hope to have a good gaming experience.

Expand on Face of the Franchise

In recent years, the most interesting feature in Madden games is the story mode - Face of the Franchise. This game has shown some great ideas to players in the past few years but has not really figured out its potential.

Its latest version adds the ability to make characters at the high school and college levels. But it can do better, including allowing players to experience the entire season on lower levels before entering the Franchise mode with more stories.

Fix the Blocking by Linemen

A major problem for players is the offensive line mechanics. In reality, wingers should change the way they block according to the specific situation, but in the game, the way of blocking is the same every time. Madden 21 has made some improvements in this area, but it is far from enough, so we hope Madden 22 can make this element closer to life.

Add old teams

Players can only play this game in 32 modern NFL Franchises. EA should allow gamers to adapt to classic teams of the past few years, such as Dallas Texans or Canton Bulldogs.

Implement a stronger system for coaching

The offensive and defensive coordinators have not been the focus of the series for a long time. If there is a team of three incredible coaches working on the same sideline, it will be a favorite among fans. In addition, Franchise Mode tends to hire coaches who are not involved in the league. But it would be good if a random individual gets jobs as coordinators and can be promoted to the level of a head coach, at least more meaningful than a randomly generated person taking over the franchise without experience.

Let gamers create custom leagues

An interesting feature in NBA 2K is the ability to create teams and form a complete league around them. Although in Madden, you can relocate and rename the team in Franchise Mode, these locations and names are already provided to you. So if Madden 22 can adopt a way to create a new football league, which would be great. EA needs to make gamers more creative.

Now a Draft week has started, which also means that Madden 22 is getting closer, so GAMEMS will always pay attention to relevant news.

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