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Madden 22: The Yard and Superstar KO Are Both Revealed As Back With New Updates

In Madden 22, two new game modes will return, namely The Yard and Superstar KO, and both of them have received new additions. They will have some interesting Madden 22 features, one of which will benefit another mode. In addition, Superstar KO will add team rosters to make more unique rapid-fire games. The following is about updates of Madden 22 mode.

The Yard - Player Classes, Live Events

Madden 22 features The Yard, a backyard-style football first introduced in Madden 21. It is characterized by trick plays and uptempo style of games played in a variety of different venues. In Madden 22, The Yard has 8 venues. They will include Hawaii, London, Italy, Miami, Green Bay, Berlin, Nike HQ and Military Bases. The London venue is one of the new additions.

According to EA Gridiron Notes, these games have an unlockable challenge in a Mastery Game. To do this, you need to win other games at the venue. Each venue will offer unique rewards with CRED and REP and exclusive gear.

A new exclusive feature of The Yard is player recruitment. You will face off the high-profile superstar bosses from the NFL and can recruit them in future games. They also mentioned that a new option "Auto Draft" will be provided before each game to get into action quickly.

There will be new LIVE events appearing in The Yard. The first one should be the Superstar Clash, which is a five-game match against the Pro Bowl. In this season, there will be other live events that sync up with various NFL events.

In addition, The Yard will provide player classes with Unified Progression with Face of the Franchise. This means that you can upgrade and unlock specific abilities in one mode, and take them to another mode. So upgrading players’ abilities and attributes by playing these two modes is possible.

Superstar KO - NFL rosters

Superstar KO mode integrates other celebrities into Madden, including hip-hop stars such as DJ Khaled, Lil Yachty, Migos, and Snoop Dogg. You can use these players with current stars and NFL legends on your rosters.

Another important addition is the NFL rosters. You can choose the Superstar KO games from all 32 NFL teams, and you will choose which team’s offensive and defensive playbooks to use. The game can be 1v1,2v2 and 3v3.

Therefore, from the current leak, Madden 22 is worth looking forward to, perhaps it will win more praise. For more news, you can check the news page on GAMEMS.

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