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Madden 22: The Franchise Mode Will Get Fixed

Source: GAMEMS

Madden 22 will be released later this year, and we have already got some news about it. Madden 22 will land on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and more platforms. Regarding the news of Madden 22, we know about some details.

Expected Trailer and Release Date

Based on the previous games, Madden 22 is most likely to be released on August 20 or August 27, 2021. As for the trailer, if it follows the model of Madden 21, it is likely to land around June 15.

The release date of Madden 22 has not been officially confirmed. Madden 21 has just launched the next-gen version. The next-gen version of the game has been postponed. Together with the usual Madden schedule, we may not be able to predict the release date until around May.

Cover Star

There are many candidates for the cover player of Madden 22, and many fans have begun to predict on social media. Lamar Jackson appeared on the cover of Madden 21, so fans expect new players to appear on the cover of Madden 22. Based on the NFL season so far, several players are now candidates. They are DeAndre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs, and Aaron Rodgers.

Recently it was reported that Derrick Henry will be the cover player of Madden 22, but this does not seem to be reliable, so we can only wait for the official announcement.

Player Ratings

Super Bowl LV has passed, but it once again left a deep impression on the audience, and Tom Brady once again stood at the top. He led the team to win the Super Bowl again. After a dominant performance and another Super Bowl MVP award, Brady joined the famous 99 Club in Madden 21.

Franchise Mode

EA will provide gamers with updates to Franchise Mode. Because fans are not satisfied with the Franchise Mode in Madden 21, EA will provide gamers with a roadmap to change the game mode to promote the development of Madden 22. We hope Franchise Mode of Madden 22 can satisfy fans.

Once the news about Madden 22 is officially announced, GAMEMS will also update relevant articles in time to let you know.

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